Download Latest YouTube Vanced APK for Android [Root / Non-root / Magisk]

Who doesn’t know YouTube? It is a part of our daily surfing. Isn’t it? But do you know YouTube Vanced? Not sure. Right? Because this is the latest modified version of the YouTube app that hasn’t had caught enough limelight but is making waves in the industry.

At times, you must have got annoyed by the limitations YouTube has like you can’t switch around, ads, and the fixed resolutions, etc., but this modified version has got you full-fledged features that help you make the most of the music, videos, and overall entertainment.

The YouTube Vanced APK is all new modified version or says, a little outsmart version of the official YouTube app that lets you do everything you wished you could do in the official YouTube app.

Let’s learn about this APK and know how it outsmarts the official YouTube App.

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About YouTube Vanced APK

Basically, YouTube Vanced is the modified version of YouTube. Ever experienced a hassle of not switching between the apps when using YouTube? Yeah, that’s so annoying! And this modified version is developed to get you rid of this boundary.

You can easily switch in between the apps and activities you were performing with the YouTube Vanced running at the background. Now, that’s so relieving. Isn’t it? Another amazing aspect you will love about the YouTube Vanced is that it reduces the time of watching the advertisements in between the videos. So, no more exasperating ads!

Let’s dig in the other features of this amazing APK.

Features of YouTube Vanced APK

The YouTube Vanced has so many special features in its store that you may not find in the original application of YouTube. Here is the list of features of YouTube Vanced APK you can count on.

  • Background Playback – Fidget without fret!

The YouTube’s modified version YouTube Vanced outsmarts the original version and allows the users to play the videos in the background, which means the users now can switch around the apps while having the videos or music played at the backend by YouTube Vanced.

  • Built-in AdBlocker – Get rid of those annoying Ads!

No matter what the Ads are an important online aspect for most of the publishers and creators but many of the users do not prefer to have them interrupting their stream. And the YouTube Vanced provides you that favorable aspect with its built-in controls for Adblocking.

Just toggle the settings to get the APK run the way you want it to and enjoy Ad-less entertainment.

  • Force HDR Mode – Enjoy the Quality!

Though you got a smartphone, it is possible that your smartphone might not support the HDR (High Dynamic Range) in YouTube App. But this can be brought to the being by the YouTube Vanced APK. This can improve video quality with impressive results.

  • Override Max Resolution – Watch in the right resolution!

Most of the times the settings in your smartphone disable the resolutions on your device but this feature in YouTube Vanced allows you to watch the videos in the right resolution.

  • Zoom for all Devices – Now pinches with any aspect ratio!

Normally, only the taller c ratios like the flagship Samsung Galaxy S9 allows its users to pinch in the YouTube video to take up the entire display. But the YouTube Vanced allows you to do the same on any device with any aspect ratio. So, pinch it and enjoy the zoom!!

  • Casting Toggle – Toggle it off!

This modified version of YouTube allows you to toggle the Google Cast icon. You can have it toggled off even if you have the available casting devices nearby.

  • Secondary Themes – Use the themes you like!

It’s obvious to get off the routine have a change in the themes now and then but the YouTube app does not support the dark theme. But with the Vanced version, you can enjoy the dark, black and other color themes of your choice. The default theme of YouTube Vanced is White.

  • Video Window Style – Choose the style you want!

If you ever disliked the YouTube video window that appears when you minimize the video and left with no other option but to use it then no more compromise folk. The YouTube Vanced allows you to choose the video window styles between the new and latest ones to the old ones.

  • Picture-in-Picture video

If you have an Android Oreo device then just like the official app the YouTube Vanced has a picture-in-picture mode.

  • Repeat videos – Let them play on repeat without your assistance!

We always have the music videos playing on repeat each time requiring the click in the official app. But the YouTube Vanced allows you the option to play the music video or any other video on repeat at the backend while you are busy with the other activities at the front end.

  • Swipe controls – Just swipe and control your display and sound!

The Swipe control offered by the YouTube Vanced for volume and brightness makes it easy for the user to adjust the things while playing the videos in the full screen. So, no more minimizing the video to adjust the display just swipe and get it done.

  • Resolution and Speed – Prefer it once let it automatically remember always!

The YouTube Vanced allows you to choose the preferred video resolution and playback speed which will automatically be remembered for every video played.

Now that we know all its features and how reliable it is relative to the official YouTube app; let’s know how to install this YouTube’s modified version APK.

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How to install YouTube Vanced APK in Android devices?

Download YouTube Vanced APK [NON-ROOT]

The installation process of this modified version of the YouTube App is pretty simple. It doesn’t require rooting your device to install it.

Just follow the steps mentioned below and easily install the YouTube Vanced APK on your Android devices.

Step 1 – Firstly, you need to uninstall all the updates to the YouTube application and disable the auto-update option in the Play Store.

Step 2 – Now, download the YouTube Vanced APK. The links for this APK is available in various websites and can be obtained from the browser.

Step 3 – After the application is installed, this seems like any other application. Now you need to enable the “Unknown Sources” option in the settings of your smartphone.

Step 4 – now in order to log into the account you will have to download another app called MicroG APK, whose link can also be obtained from the browser.

Step 5 – As soon as the downloading is done, install this application and log into your account.

Step 6 – Now select any theme by visiting the Layout settings. And change the display, sound and playback settings as per your desire.

Voila! You are done! Go enjoy your entertainment to the most on YouTube Vanced!


So, this was all about the YouTube Vanced. Let’s hope you got all the details from “What is YouTube Vanced?” to “How to get it on your phone?”. The process is pretty much simple. Just follow the steps and you are there.

Now enjoy your videos, play them at the background and have an ad-less entertainment.

Happy Entertainment with YouTube Vanced!

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