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There are a myriad of content streaming and downloading apps and services in the market nowadays. Some of them offer free content, and some of them come with a subscription plan. Viewster APK is amongst the free apps that are not only available for free but also offers great content without any subscription charges whatsoever.

Viewster APK is available in the market under the name of Viewster Anime and Fandom TV. As the app focuses only on the anime and fandom content, it makes Viewster Android App is quite different from other competitors in the market.

The content that Viewster APK serves is curated based on the fan likes and dislikes thereby making it an amazing experience for all the users. Let’s talk more about the app, its features and how you can install it on your device.

Viewster APK

Viewster APK is an online content streaming and downloading app that lets users watch specialized curated content for free. There is no fee whatsoever. Viewster APK supports ad, so some of the ads might pop up while watching. But hey! We get the same ads while watching YouTube, so this won’t impart any issue.

The app lets users like and share the content with other users and then employ a metric to rank the most shared or liked the content. The sorting of the content in Viewster APK is based on the user reviews. So, this app offers a win-win deal for all. You’ll always get the best anime, Tv show, Movie and video to watch. So how to download and install it on your android device?

Viewster Movies, TV & Anime
Viewster Movies, TV & Anime

Viewster APK features and Benefits

  • Only app in the market that curates its content based on user experience and ratings.
  • It is available for free, and there are no subscription fees whatsoever.
  • Best app for watching Anime, Motion Pictures and Television content online for free.
  • Users can choose the show they want to watch based on other viewers ratings and reviews.
  • Immense collection of Movies, TV shows and cartoons under one library that is made simple to browse with the help of useful filters and categories.
  • You can’t just stream, but you can also download the content for offline viewing.
  • The most favorite anime that can be found on Viewster APK is Naruto, Samurai Warrior, Log Horizon, etc.
  • Those who love films, thriller series, anime, and cartoon must give this app a try.
  • The app is also supported on the Google Play Store for Android users.

Install Viewster APK on Android Device?

Viewster APK For Android
Viewster APK For Android

Viewster APK is officially available in the Google Play Store so you can easily install it via the official way.

  • Go to the Google Play Store app and search for Viewster APK.
  • Tap on Viewster – Anime & Fandom TV and hit the install button to begin the installation.
  • The app is available for free, so, therefore, there is no need to pay even a single penny.

The app may not be available to everyone via the Google Play Store maybe because of your country restrictions. In such scenarios, you can sideload the Viewster APK.

Here’s how you can sideload the Viewster APK on your android phone and tablet.

  • Fire up the settings menu by tapping on the cog wheel like icon on your app launcher.
  • Next, scroll down to find ‘Security’ section.
  • Now, look for ‘Unknown Sources’ option and turn it ON.
  • This will enable you to install the app that you’ll now download from its official website.
  • You must transfer the downloaded app to some safe location on your smartphone or tablet. Let’s say; you are saving it in the Downloads folder.
  • Head over to the Downloads folder via ES File Explorer and tap on the Viewster APK icon to begin the installation.
  • The installation will be done within a few seconds.
  • Viewster APK is now installed successfully on your android device or smartphone.

Note- don’t forget to revoke the side loading permissions by turning the ‘Unknown Sources’ option to OFF. This will prevent any unwanted app installs without your permission.

Viewster Apk for PC

Viewster APK is solely made for Android devices, and therefore it can’t be installed directly on Windows or Mac devices. But there is a workaround for that. We can make use of android emulators for running Viewster APK on windows and Mac devices. Here’s how you can do that.

Viewster for PC Download

Setting up Android Emulators.

There are a lot of cool android emulators offering a lot of features available in the market. We are mentioning the ones that can install Viewster APK without any hassle.

  • You can go either with Nox App Player or BlueStacks Player.
  • You can download these android emulators from the official sources.
  • After you’ve done downloading the emulator of choice, hit on the Run button and install it directly on your computer.
  • Now, launch the emulator that you’ve just downloaded.
  • Make sure to follow the initial instructions carefully and enter the details of your Google Account.

Viewster Apk for Android

After setting up the emulator for the first time;

  • Head over to Google Play Store and make sure that you search for Viewster APK.
  • Open the first result and install the app.
  • After the app is installed, you can enjoy the content on the app without any hiccup.
  • Sometimes these android emulators won’t be able to install via Google Play Store. In such scenario, you’re supposed to install Viewster APK by sideloading.
  • For sideloading go to the cog-wheel like icon on the home screen called as Settings and scroll down to Security Settings menu.
  • There, look for ‘Unknown Sources’ button, toggle it to ON.
  • Now, download the Viewster App file from the source.
  • And save the downloaded file at some place safe.
  • Now using your built-in file explorer locate the file you just saved and make sure to tap on it to install.
  • Once Viewster APK gets installed, you can enjoy using the service fully without any fee.

Viewster Apk Download and Install

Viewster Apk Download for MAC

Just like the windows variant, no official word about the Mac variant of the Viewster APK has been said yet. Maybe in future, the developer can introduce one such dedicated app for Mac users. Check this space for more information.

For iOS users you can download the app officially from the App Store directly.

Viewster Apk Setup:

Setting up Viewster APK is plain and simple.

  • Download and install the app.
  • Set the language filters, and you are good to go.

You may need to create an account too, only if you are interested in taking part in the checking and adding reviews.

Viewster Apk File Download and Install

Viewster APK not properly working

At times Viewster APK may fail to load or even fails to connect to the servers.

To rectify such issues, make sure to check our page and install the latest updates manually if you are not keeping your app updated via the Google Play Store.

  • Check for any connectivity issues. If there is any, fix it.
  • Check for any background apps that may be eating up your bandwidth.

Frequent forced close instances

Viewster APK may sometimes act weird and closes on by its own while playing videos, movies, and TV shows.

  • Clear cache of the Viewster APK app.
  • Clear data.
  • If needed, try reinstalling the app from scratch.

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