True Skate Apk Download and Install for Android

True Skate APK and Mod is a sports game made by True Axis. The gameplay revolves around the idea of skateboarding.

The game has been made using some real tools that can be explained by the laws of physics but what’s more important is their application in the True Skate APK and Mod game, and how realistic it feels when the game is running.

The game also features a slow-motion mode, and you can also replay your moves. The impressive graphics make the True Skate APK and Mod game even more interesting. Let’s find out more about this game and its mod.

True Skate Apk Download

True Skate Apk Download and Install

True Skate APK and Mod is a game that comes under sports genre. This game focuses on the skateboarding gameplay. The game is made available for the users of Android Smartphones and tablets and iOS devices. Users can easily build their rankings in the leaderboard charts by competing with other players online.

The game is easy to play, the left and right controls make the board trail which enables you to perform pop shove and a kickflip. Users are required to unlock the achievements in the leaderboard to be promoted to the next level.

The game also supports in-app purchases where you are supposed to earn and buy coins which are sometimes required for upgrading your skateboard. Let’s know more about its installation.

True Skate Apk Download

True Skate Apk Download and Install for Android

True Skate APK and Mod are officially available in the Google Play Store. Though the game isn’t available for free via Google Play Store, there are ways by which you can get it installed on your PC.

True Skate Apk Download – Google Playstore

  • Head over to android market or Google Play and search for True Skate APK and Mod.
  • Open up the first result.
  • In Indian Rupees, the price of the True Skate APK and Mod is 130 or roughly 2 USD.
  • If you’ve some cash, you can go ahead and prevent yourself from the hassle of sideloading the app.

True Skate App – Playstore

True Skate Apk download -Benefits of installation from playstore

  • Automatic timely updates
  • Digitally signed by Google
  • No chance of malware infection
  • No app crash issues
  • No incompatibility issues whatsoever.

Sideloading True Skate APK and Mod on your android device.

Some people who don’t want to opt-in for in-app purchases and pay money for the game via Google Play Store and want to try True Skate APK and Mod before you buy here is another method.

  • Download the True Skate APK file from the official source.
  • Save the downloaded file on the internal storage of your Android device.
  • Make sure that, ‘Unknown Sources’ option has been enabled.
  • To enable this option, head over to the Settings menu of your smartphone and then navigate to Security option. Check for the status of ‘Unknown Sources’ button.
  • Now, go to the location where you’ve saved the downloaded True Skate APK file and tap the icon to begin its installation.
  • The app will get installed within some seconds.
  • Benefits of sideloading
  • No need to pay is the greatest advantage. But be sure to download and install the APK file from a trusted source.
  • Mods can be easily applied to gain more coins and points.
  • Mods can also be able to boost your performance during the gameplay.

True Skate Apk

True Skate Apk Download for IOS

So, just like the Android users, iOS users can also install this game on their devices.

True Skate app has been officially made available on the Apple’s App Store.

Installation in IOS

  • Head over to the App Store and search for True Skate app.
  • Open up the first result. Click on the Get button to start the download.
  • Remember, just like the Google Play version of the True Skate APK and Mod app, the iOS version is also paid and therefore you need to pay the amount to enjoy the game.
  • Also, the in-app purchases are also available in the iOS variant of True Skate APK and Mod. So, users can pay for getting boosts, upgrade skates, and unlock stages.

True Skate Apk IOS Download and Installation

True Skate Apk Download – In App Purchases

As it has been already mentioned that the game supports a premium model where the users have to collect some coins and points to upgrade their skates and to get promoted, you can buy the coins either by unlocking the stages or by paying upfront.

  • There are some additional skate parks that can be bought via in-app purchases.
  • Unlock mission’s trough, Street league skateboarding to get promoted and earn coins.
  • Unlimited wheel color changes and upgraded versions of the skateboard can also be bought.

Though you can buy to unlock these features within the app but for those who don’t want to invest their money in this. Here is the MOD.

  • You can directly install this mod to get rid of all the restrictions and unlock all the achievements.
  • Note- this method is valid only if you’ve NOT installed the app from Google Play Store.
  • Now, after the successful sideloading of True Skate APK and Mod you need to install an additional app to get rid of the restrictions.
  • Install Lucky Patcher from its official source.
  • Open the Lucky Patcher app and scroll down till you see True Skate APK and Mod.
  • Now, you have to tap on the option to ‘patch the True Skate APK and Mod.’
  • Let Lucky Patcher do its magic.
  • Congratulations! True Skate APK and Mod have been patched, and all the restrictions have been removed.

True Skate APK and Mod Known issues

Those who’ve installed True Skate APK and Mod via Google Play Store hardly face any issues.

The ones who’ve sideloaded the files sometimes may face issues like;

True Skate Mod Apk

Frequent app closure

App crashes

Force close the app and try clearing the data.

Inability to apply the MOD via Lucky Patcher

  • Redo the steps for applying the mod using Lucky Patcher.
  • Make sure to force close the True Skate APK and Mod first and clear its data before applying the Lucky Patcher mod.

True Skate Mod Apk – Features

An intuitive sports game that is based on skateboarding, the gameplay works on the laws of physics.

  • New challenges at set intervals.
  • Global Leaderboard.
  • A beautiful user interface that delivers an awesome gaming experience.
  • Rewind functionality is added to the slow-motion effects.
  • In-app purchases are available to make the game easier for some users.
  • The in-app purchases let you unlock more skateboards and levels that can be used during the gameplay in due course of time.

True Skate APK and Mod Alternatives

There are a plethora of gaming apps available on both Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, one of the best sports game is True Skate APK and Mod. This game got very popular just because of the design and the levels that are there in the gameplay. Here are some other sports-based gaming apps that you must give a try;

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