Terrarium TV APK Download for Android, iOS and PC (Latest Version 1.9.9)

There are a lot of HD media streaming apps available, and the market has become competitive in this niche. But there are a handful of apps that solve the problems of the user’s others are there to earn revenue by running ads and collecting user data. Just like Now TV App , Aero TV Apk, Terrarium TV APK also delivers a lot of rich content in high definition (both in 720p and 1080p), and it is completely free. No, it won’t show you useless ads and won’t collect its user’s data. Let us find out more about Terrarium TV APK and how you can download Terrarium TV APK on your devices.

Terrarium TV Apk

Terrarium TV APK?

Terrarium TV APK is a free media streaming app that is designed to work on Android devices. Terrarium TV APK isn’t officially been launched for iOS and Windows users, but there are several workarounds for its installation.

It is the only free app that supports Amazon Fire Stick and Amazon Fire TV.

Terrarium TV APK have also natively supported Android TV and TV Box. While you play the video, you’ll be able to see the subtitles also. The subtitles are available in multiple languages, and the language can be switched manually.

Terrarium TV App

Terrarium TV App features:

  • First of all Terrarium TV APK is available as a free download so anybody can grab it.
  • The content offered in the app is also made available for free, no charges are levied against the users. Zero subscription fees.
  • High definition of full HD content.
  • The downloading option enables the users to watch the content on the go when there is no internet.
  • The built-in player that enables users to change the language for subtitles change playback speed, volume and quality settings from HD to full HD.
  • A plethora of options to choose from.
  • Vast library.
  • Categories make the app easy to use.
  • Filters make the searching experience worthwhile.
  • Terrarium TV APK keeps the database updated.
  • New movies and TV shows – added on a regular interval.
  • Users are notified about the new releases.

Terrarium TV Apk

Terrarium TV Apk on Android:

As of now the official version of the app isn’t launched on the Google Play Store. So, those who want to download Terrarium TV APK from Google Play Store may have to look for this space continuously and are requested to wait till Terrarium TV app make its entry to the Google Play Store.

Speculations are that it may be possible that Terrarium TV  won’t ever be launched under the Google Play Store market because it shares copyright content for free and this violates some of the policies that Google asks the developer to comply with.

For those, who want to install Terrarium TV APK on their Android devices, the method of choice for your is through sideloading. Here’s how you can do that;

  • By default, sideloading any app that is not signed by Google isn’t allowed.
  • So, therefore you are required to bypass this restriction.
  • Navigate to Settings option on the Android phone and look for the Security menu.
  • Now, scroll down to ‘Unknown Sources’ option, make sure to turn it ON if it is in OFF mode.
  • Congrats! You’ve now successfully turned the sideloading ON.
  • Now, quickly download the official Terrarium TV APK file from the website.
  • Keep the downloaded file at some safe location on your device internal storage.
  • Using any file explorer app, navigate to the location where you’ve saved Terrarium TV APK file.
  • Tap on the app icon to initialize the installation process; it’ll be done within a few seconds.
  • The Terrarium TV APK is now installed successfully.

Terrarium TV Apk for Android

Terrarium TV APK IOS Download:

If you Google for the methods of ‘Installing Terrarium TV APK in iOS devices’ you’ll be amazed at the number of results you’ll be shown. But unfortunately, none of them works. Terrarium TV APK is android only, and the iOS hasn’t been launched as of now.

Terrarium TV Apk IOS

Terrarium TV Apk for Windows:

Though, the official Windows version of Terrarium TV online app isn’t made available yet, but who doesn’t want to enjoy so many HD movies and TV shows on a large screen, on their PC’s?

Well, there is a workaround to install Terrarium TV APK on a windows machine, here’s how it is done;

  • First, you’ll need an android emulator such as BlueStacks.
  • BlueStacks helps you mimic the Android ecosystem on your PC and helps you install all the android apps on it.
  • Download BlueStacks Player from here.
  • Now, after BlueStacks has been downloaded make sure to install the program using Admin rights.
  • Open up the BlueStacks program; you’ll be shown with the welcome steps where you’ll be asked to enter in your Google Account details. The process with BlueStacks player setup is similar to what you’ve already seen while setting up a new Android device.
  • Download the Terrarium TV APK file on the BlueStacks player via the built-in browser.
  • Save the downloaded APK file to a suitable location from where it can be accessed easily.
  • Now, make sure to go to Settings and then Security and turn ON the ‘Unknown Sources’ tab. This will make the process much easier.
  • Head over to the internal storage and navigate to the location where you’ve saved Terrarium TV App file.
  • Tap on the app to install it. And Voila! Terrarium TV online apk has now been installed on your windows machine. You can enjoy HD videos, Movies, and TV shows on a larger screen now.

Terrarium TV Apk Windows

Install Terrarium TV APK for Mac

Unfortunately, as of now the Mac version of Terrarium TV App hasn’t been released yet, and therefore we can’t run the app on Mac.

How to setup and use Terrarium TV APK?

  • As soon as you install Terrarium TV APK, you’ll be given a list of the websites that you need Terrarium TV APK to pull the content from.
  • Terrarium TV APK doesn’t host any of the data.
  • Next, you need to set a default language. This sets the language you are choosing as the default language for the subtitles. And that’s pretty much it.

Terrarium TV APK Known Issues

App fails to download data

Sometimes because of some data corruption, the app fails to download and stream your favorite movie or TV show. In that case, make sure to quit the application and run it back again.

If Terrarium TV App still doesn’t play your content, go to App settings and clear data to calibrate the app.

Connectivity issues

These streaming apps sometime may face some serious connectivity issues where the app fails to connect to the server.

This may occur because of the poor network connection between you and the host, or their server is altogether at fault.

To fix this, make sure to switch to a stronger Wi-Fi signal instead of Mobile 4G.


Terrarium TV APK doesn’t host the content that you see there. The app pulls a lot of its content from some of the media streaming websites like fmovies.com.

During the initial setup, you are required to choose from the list of websites from where you want the content to be pulled from.

If you open the about section of the Terrarium TV App, you’ll be able to see that the app doesn’t take any responsibility of the content that you are consuming as it is not hosting any of it on its servers.

So, honestly, there won’t be any issues until and unless you are not circulating the downloaded movies and TV shows unethically and illegally.

Terrarium TV APK Alternatives

A lot of apps nowadays offer such awesome functionality of streaming high definition Movies and TV shows online, and a few of them are listed below. Let us know which one is your favorite;

Movie Streaming Apps for Terrarium TV Apk:

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