Download Latest TeaTV APK v10.01 – Installation Guide

About Tea TV App

Tea TV is one of the leading online streaming apps for smartphone users. Well, now you can enjoy the App on Smart Tv’s as well; also, it is available for iOS devices. The App is so versatile and compatible with Amazon Firestick, Smart Set Top Box, and other available options. The users get attractive with the amazingly supportive feature of the App. Tea TV is the only application in the market that provides premium content without any cost where users can access the long list of videos, movies, and TV series from all over the world in High Definition quality.

Users have to note that Tea TV is the third-party application that offers premium content for free. The interface of the App is clear and simple. However, the concept of ads is restricted, but sometimes it is available. Now we have seen that Tea TV is the alternative for Cartoon HD and Thop TV and other open apps. 

Features of Tea TV App

The latest version of the Tea TV app has lots of fantastic features that allows you to stream high-quality movies and shows on your device without any problem. Check out the listed features as it goes on;

  • Tea TV application hosts a long list of films and television serials from all parts of the world. There are times when the user is not able to search for one particular show on another App; there is a chance of finding it on Tea TV. 
  • Whatever you watch either a show or a movie, the user will be amazed by its high quality streaming on both mobile phones and large screen without affecting the quality of the video.
  • The best feature of Tea TV is one can stream videos from the App online, and at the same time, they can download the content for the future purpose where the internet connection is not available. This feature is newly added in the App for the travelling buffs who face erratic connection in some remote areas.
  • The users also appreciate the Multi-Language feature of the App. One can choose shows and movies from 40 different languages and watch them with the support of Subtitles that can translate it to other languages.
  • The seamless interface of the Tea TV app makes it easy for users to search and watch their favorite titles from all the lists available on the App.
  • One can make and add certain movies and television shows to a list of favorites that can be accessed later.
  • One can easily download Tea TV on Firestick as well.
  • A live TV option is also available on the App, which is exclusive for the users. It can be accessed anywhere and anytime without any interruptions. 
  • The user can avail of the ‘Enable and Disable safe mode’ feature on Tea TV through which they can classify the shows and movies according to an age limit. For eg., all the adult content of Tea TV can be categorized in the safe mode of the application.
  • The App comes with premium support in which the user has to pay a subscription, and it is an additional feature that can be resolved through the APK version of the App. This feature unlocks some other shows and features that cannot be accessed in the basic version of the App.

What is Tea TV APK?

As you know, Tea TV is a highly recommended App by its users just like other streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Hotstar, but they come with subscription packages. In contrast, the Tea TV app is free, especially for Android devices. Tea TV APK version is not available on the Play Store one has to visit third party websites to download it, make sure to visit official websites as there are numerous fake sites available in the market. This feature has a lot more options for checking out new movies and series, Tv serials for the users. Also, all the movies hosted on the App are of high quality, which one can enjoy watching on the big screen as well.

How to Download Tea TV APK for Android?

If the user wants to enjoy HD quality movies and television shows on the android devices, then they need to download the Tea TV APK version. It is not available on Google Play Store, and one has to download it from external sources. You have two methods to download the apk version of the App that are;

  1. To download the Tea TV apk visit the official site –


2. Download the Tea TV apk from the mentioned link. 

Requirements for Installing Tea TV App

Specific requirements are needed to be fulfilled by the users to install the Tea TV app or its APK version;

  • Your Android smartphone must run on Android 7.0 or above. Check the version of the phone by going to the settings and click on the ‘About Phone’ option.
  • The android device must have space of 2 GB of RAM so that app data could easily be downloaded.
  • The android device must have a high-speed internet that would help to stream movies and TV shows in high quality.

How to Install Tea TV APK on Android devices?

There are only a few steps to install Tea TV APK on Android devices;

  • First, download the link of the APK version from external sources. For that, go to settings of your android devices to enable the option ‘Install from unknown sources.’ 
  • After the user has enabled the option, the App will start downloading itself. Click on the install button afterward.
  • As the app gets installed, click on open, and the Tea TV app will be launched.
  • The version is Ad-Free.

Tea TV on Android TV and Smart TV

Tea TV is considered as the application that is best supported by the Android operations, and indeed it is the perfect entertainment solution that offers all the advanced features for free of cost. If you want to watch HD quality movies and series on the larger screen, then go for the Tea TV app without any doubt. The installation process is also simple for users. Keep on reading to know how to install it on Android TV.

How to download and install Tea TV on Android TV?

To download and install Tea TV on Android TV is as simple as to do it on mobile. The apk file is the same to install it on any android device. You can even copy the apk file from your android phone.

  1. First, turn on Android TV Box and connect it with a stable internet connection, then open the browser to download the Tea TV APK file from the trusted website.
  2. For downloading, the user needs to enable the Unknown Sources to install third-party APK. Go to settings options and turn on the option of ‘Unknown Sources.’
  3. Go back to the previous page and click on the APK file, the file will be installed automatically.
  4. As the App gets installed. Open it and enjoy watching unlimited movies and Tv shows with HD quality on your Android smart TV.

Tea TV for Mac & iOS (iPhone/iPad)

We have seen lots of applications available these days that offer to stream movies and television shows, but what makes Tea TV different from those apps is its ultimate provision of using the App without even spending a single penny. Android devices support the App, but iPhone and iPad users can also download the App and enjoy free streaming without any interruptions.

How to download and install Tea TV in iOS devices?

To download Tea TV app on iOs device follow the below-mentioned steps,

  1. Go to Apple App Store and search for Movies Diary; you will come to know that Tea TV iOS app has been launched with this particular name, especially for iOS devices.
  2. Click on App to start the downloading process. 
  3. As the application is installed successfully in your iPhone or iPad device, click on open to use the App. Enjoy new movies and television shows for free.

Requirements to Download Tea TV for iPhone/iPad 

Every application has certain requirements that ensure the functioning of the App on the devices should be error-free. Similarly, for Tea TV on an iOS app, one has to follow the below-mentioned instructions to use the App without any issue.

  • The user has to make sure to download the Tea TV on iPhone or iPad with an iOS 10 or its higher version.
  • The App needs some free memory to create data files during the downloading process.
  • Also, a good internet connection would be required to stream movies and television shows. 

Features of Tea TV iOS App

Not only on Android devices but Tea TV also provide some amazing features to iOS users, and those are;

  • A huge collection of all the latest and popular movies and television serials that are readily available on the App.
  • The interface of the App has been designed in a manner where the user can easily manage the operations to search the favorite titles.
  • Tea TV can be easily downloaded from the Apple App Store free of cost. There are no in-app purchases as well.

Tea TV APK for Pc

Tea TV is one of those applications that can easily be installed on Windows; the user can avail to watch free HD movies and shows not only on the mobile phone. Even on your windows, you can use the App similarly as mobile phones.

There are two methods by which use can download and install the APK version of Tea TV app on your pc;

First- There are TeaTv.exe files available on the browser through which the user can directly install the App on Pc for Windows 32 bit & 64 bit.

Second- The user can go for the android emulator method to install the Tea TV APK file on Windows.

Requirements for Downloading Tea TV for PC

Few requirements to be fulfilled by the user to download Tea TV;

  • It is required that the computer is running on the Windows operating system 7 or above. The App is easily compatible with version 10 of Windows as well.
  • The RAM of a computer should be empty for at least 4 GB.
  • For the process of downloading, installing, and streaming, there is a need for an active internet connection.

How to Install Tea TV on Firestick and Fire TV?

Tea Tv for Firestick is especially for those users who like to watch movies and television shows on a bigger screen like television instead of watching it on a mobile phone. For such people who want to enjoy video content on larger screens, Tea Tv app is available for Firestick.

  • Download the apk on the Firestick from the official website of the application. Alternatively, you can also transfer the application to the device by downloading it first on a computer.
  • Turn on the ‘Unknown Sources’ option by going to the Settings and then visiting the Security section from the landing page of the Firestick.
  • With the help of the file manager application, move to the location where the apk is stored.
  • Click on the file to start the installation procedure. Click on ‘Install’ once the popup appears.
  • Once the App has downloaded to Firestick, a popup will appear on the screen indicating the completion of installation.

Features of Tea TV for Firestick

Even for Firestick users, the App unveils some exciting features that make Tea TV the best application to enjoy the uninterrupted streaming of movies and serials in high quality. The additional features includes;

  • A large number of classics and other online streaming stuff is available with the latest titles from different parts of the world.
  • An easy to use and well-designed interface of the App for its users.
  • You can download titles to access them later at any hour of the day

How to Install & Use TeaTv for Firestick?

The user needs to download the application for the third party sources as it is not available on the Playstore. Once the application is installed on the Firestick, one can use its remote to switch between different categories and movies. The user has to select from the center button of the remote to choose the title to watch.


  1. Is Tea TV virus-free and safe to use?

Ans. Tea TV is entirely safe, and the best part is that one doesn’t even need to use any login id to use the App. There is only a need to accept the permission from unknown sources to use it. The App is entirely tested and doesn’t have any spy or malware.

  1. What kind of devices support Tea TV?

Ans. Tea TV is supported by Android 4.4.3 and Windows version with 7, 8, and 10. Also, it can run into Firesticks and Android devices.

  1. Is there any other TV app available?

Ans. Yes, there are other similar TV apps available in the market, which are Terrarium TV, Moviebox pro, Freeflix HQ, and Cartoon HD.

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