Super Mario Bros Download and Installation for PC

90’s kids will be able to relate with me when I say, ‘I grew up playing Super Mario Bros.’ Yes? Well, Super Mario Bros were one of the amazing games that I’ve ever played in my life. Back in the day, I used to leave everything just to play the game and god! The addiction was real. Well, I still want to play Super Mario Bros, don’t you? Would it be better if we can play it on our PC? Here are Super Mario Bros Download for PC.

There is no official way to get the Super Mario Bros download for pc, as the game was meant to be played only on Nintendo’s gaming consoles. Though the Super Mario Run has arrived for mobile devices, there is no word about the launch of Super Mario Bros download for pc.

Let us first dive into the nostalgic experience we all had with Super Mario Bros Download for PC.

About the gameplay: Super Mario Bros

I guess each one of you must be aware of how, when and where the story of the game goes. The Super Mario Bros were developed and published by Nintendo in the year 1985.

This game was released as a successor to their best selling game known as Mario Bros, which was released in the year 1983.

  • The players are supposed to control Mario or maybe his brother Luigi (while playing in a multiplayer environment) and travel the world to find and save the princess.
  • During their journey in the Mushroom Kingdom, the players need to recuse the Princess Toadstool from the Browser (the antagonist).
  • Furthermore, during the whole gameplay, the players are supposed to dodge a lot of hurdles and have to conquer some of the enemies too.
  • On the bright side, Super Mario Bros also give the users with different power-ups as super mushroom, fire, and Starman.
  • If the player completes a level, he’ll be given with an extra life in the next level.
  • Super Mario Bros successfully managed to get its entry in the list of most successful and intuitive games of all times.
  • Additionally, Mario and Luigi need to collect several coins that are scattered randomly at different spots.
  • The game ends when the player gets defeated three or more times in a row either by the enemies or if the timer goes off.
  • For each defeat, the user loses one life at a time. Apart from that, if there is any power up taken up by the player, then the first thing that he’ll lose when defeated is his power.
  • Then comes the life. So it makes even more interesting.
  • Also, the enemies can be conquered using the power-ups, or by jumping on them.
  • Koopa Troopa retracts inside its shell when the player jumps on it, and the other hand Goomba gets flattened and therefore defeated.
  • The overall gameplay is divided into 8 worlds with 4 stages per world.
  • The final world will take you to the castle where you need to fight with the browser to rescue the princess.
  • Now, that you know each and everything about the game, it is time, to get to know about Super Mario Bros download for pc.

Super Mario Bros Download for PC – How to guide

Before proceeding further, you must know that no official PC version is available for Super Mario Bros. Therefore, exact replication of the Super Mario Bros can’t be produced on a PC.

But there are several ways by which Super Mario Bros download for pc can be possible. Let’s check those out:

  • As the game was released way back in the year 1985, because of its low graphical and processing requirement the game file size is small.
  • And for that reason, some of the websites have converted into a playable format.
  • This playable format can be accessed from their website, and the users can play Super Mario Bros without any hassle.
  • But there is a lot of downsides to it; one being, the constant availability of fast internet is needed to stream the game, and the other is the frame drops.
  • So, this method may or may not work at best for you. You still can try searching for Super Mario Bros download for pc and find some links to the flash Super Mario Bros game via Google.

The next method would surely surprise you. If I say, you can install (sort of) the Super

Mario Bros on your PC? Well, yes you can. Sure, there is no official program or app made to be installed on the Windows or Mac versions of PC but, you can get an.NES emulator.

how to download super mario bros for pc

Super Mario Bros Download for PC – via NES Emulator

As the game isn’t available officially on the internet for PC’s, you can download the Nintendo file version of the Super Mario Bros.

  • This Nintendo version comes in.NES format.
  • The .NES format isn’t officially supported by your PC. and it even doesn’t recognize it at all.
  • Therefore, all you need to do is to download the best.NES emulator.
  • For that, search for the best NES emulator on Google, and there are a lot of free NES emulators available.
  • Make sure to scan the downloaded NES emulator using any antivirus program to ensure maximal safety and security.
  • Once the emulator is downloaded, install using the executable file.
  • Run the program and then within the program interface you’ll be able to see some options that will enable you to launch any game.
  • Go to the load game option and then locate the .NES file for the Super Mario Bros you just downloaded.

Now, you can play the game on the emulator easily.

Super Mario Bros Download for PC – Information

Below we have mentioned all the details of Super Mario Bros Download for PC. You can read below:

How to play Super Mario Bros?

So far so good, the game will work smoothly with the .NES Emulator. There are still some things that you need to understand before you can enjoy the game at its limits.

  • First being, the controller setup.
  • Before going forward and jumping right into the gameplay, make sure that the controls are set in the .NES emulator.
  • Make sure to go to the options menu and check for the controller configuration. If you have an additional gaming controller, you can plug it in your PC and start playing.
  • Furthermore, if you don’t own a gaming controller, then you need to make sure that every key on your keyboard must be assigned to the controls that are needed for the gameplay.

Secondly, the graphics and fullscreen settings must be adjusted accordingly to make it easier for you to render the game properly.

  • Lastly, the sound settings may also need some tweaks. Sometimes, the default speakers fail to produce the sounds available during the running gameplay.
  • Make sure to tweak the sound settings properly to enjoy the game completely.

Super Mario Bros Download for PC – Issues

Sometimes, because of some errors the gameplay may be hindered and in turn ruining your mood.

Make sure to check the downloaded.NES emulator update. And to get the best out of the app make sure to keep it updated. You can also check for the update on the developer’s website if the automatic download protocol isn’t working.

What do you think? Playing Super Mario Bros on a larger screen gives you an edge? At least it made my experience immersive.

Super Mario Bros : Gameplay

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