Download Shadow Fight 3 Apk [Latest Version] free on Android or tablet.

Playing different kinds of games is a form of relaxation. It is also needed for your overall growth and development. In the olden days, people used to play physical and board games. However, after technology evolved, games have been available on computer and mobile phones.

There are a lot of different games that are available online and offline as well. For offline games, you either have to download the app or the software. It is normally fun to play such kinds of games. Also, the games are available in different genres. There are puzzles, word-forming games, and thriller games.

However, some games only support the ios system while some games work on Android systems only. There are games that work on all the operating systems as well. One such game which works the best on android device is the Shadow Fight 3 APK. It requires a minimum 5.0 version of Android.

About Shadow Fight 3

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Shadow Fight 3 APK is an offline game. The game was originally released in Canada on the 17th of July 2017. It was released on the 16th of November 2017 worldwide. The game is developed by Nekki.

Previously, a game called Shadow Fight 2 was released which was a big hit. It was very popular among the public. The mobile version of the game was downloaded and played by a lot of people.

Comparison between Shadow Fight 2 APK and Shadow Fight 3 APK

Continuing the trend of Shadow Fight 2 APK, the makers thought of updating and launching Shadow Fight 3 APK. The huge difference between Shadow fight 2 and Shadow fight 3 is the three-dimensional graphics.

Also, it has the presence of the fractions with stage by stage setting of the hero. It also has more battles and quests as compared to the previous version. The amazing part is that online battles are also possible in Shadow Fight 3 APK.

If you enjoyed playing Shadow Fight 2 APK, then you will definitely enjoy playing Shadow Fight 3 APK. The current version is known for its skilled based fighting gameplay. Also, the gameplay is in 3D.

It contains RPG touch. Also, Shadow Fight 2 had dark 2D gameplay while Shadow Fight 3 APK has colorful gameplay. The online features of this game are really nice. They are smooth and appreciated by all the users.

Shadow Fight 3 APK: Features

The game runs properly on 60 FPS as well. The best part is that it has no bugs and all the action sequences work really well. The music and sound effects of this game are of high quality. It adds on to the complete experience of playing the game. The game also contains some stunning backgrounds with great graphics.

The game basically requires you to fight spectacular battles with your competitor. The fun part is that you get to choose a character of your own choice. Each inbuilt character has a description which comprises of advantages, disadvantages with its own combat style. You need to fight real-time battles where you can perform missions and receive bonuses.

The game creates a different world for you altogether. It is the world of shadows with the time of changes. In this game, you can become the greatest warrior in history. Playing this particular game will give you a great feeling as it tries and makes the virtual world look believable.

This RPG fighting game helps you take the place of a hero. However, the missions and quests are unknown and hence, you cannot determine the course of your journey.

Fighting Style in Shadow Fight 3 APK

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There are three different styles from which you can choose. It is also possible to experiment and combine your gear for learning new and fresh moves. That is a very exciting feature of the game as your character can learn something in the game, like real life. You also get a chance to collect weapons and perks along with new moves and gears.

All of the fighting styles can be curated according to you. Remember to be fast, strong and enigmatic. It is possible to raise a character from scratch that will represent your personality and unique playing style. It is thrilling to experience the beauty of a real fight with the help of modern technologies and swift animations.

Technical Features

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Shadow Fight 3 APK is considered to be a top-notch game because of its technological features. It has everything from colorful graphics, realistic physics, stunning animations, and smooth effects. All of the things are of high quality. The technological features combine to deliver an effect of the real world in the virtual setup.

Play it in a group

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This is the best part of the game. The makers understand that community is everything. Also, playing is fun when you involve your friends in it. With Shadow Fight 3, you can compete with other players. However, this feature is not available in the offline gaming mode. You will have to go online for this.

You can also make plans with your friends and compete against other clans. The makers believe in cooperative gaming and thus, they have launched the additional features to this game.

The storyline of Shadow Fight 3 APK

The uniqueness of this game is its storyline. It keeps the audience intrigued as it is story driven. You might find a plot which runs around a dangerous war. You will find yourself in the middle of it in the game. You also get to decide which side of the war you want to be.

Gear Collection

The game has a large collection of weapons and armors. You can collect epic gears by performing certain tasks. It is also possible to upgrade them.

Shadow Fight 3 APK: How to set up

It is very simple to set the game up.

  1. Install APK on your device.
  2. Copy “com.nekki.shadowfight3” folder into the folder of “android / obb”
  3. Enter the game

Shadow Fight 3 APK: What is new

The newer version of Shadow Fight 3 APK has some updates and changes which include:

  1. The critical bugs are fixed.
  2. The main quest continues as chapter VII of the game is finally available.
  3. New locations and characters of bosses have been added.
  4. New gears, equipment, and fighting styles have been added.
  5. Sort all the items properly and earn rewards for every collection.


It is a wonderful game as it keeps you engaged at all levels. The game has a lot of things to offer. So, download it for yourself and play. With its amazing graphics, you will definitely be hooked to it for a very long time.

Also, do not forget to invite your friends to play in the online mode.

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