How to Save Battery on iPhone – 8 Ways Explained

When it comes to the mobile industry, there are a lot of iPhone users now (as per the statistics). Sure, some opt-in for the better design, some for a better camera and maybe some for just the hype. There are a lot of cool things about the iPhone. And there are sure, some downsides of using an iPhone, every product have their shortfalls. iPhone is great with its camera, the iOS experience offers a fluid interface, but the device lacks in the battery department. iPhone generally isn’t equipped with a great battery backup. And they even rely on the slow charging technologies. So, How to Save Battery on iPhone? Well, yes there are a lot of ways by which you can save the iPhone’s battery and give yourself a long-lasting juice.

Though, we can’t use a lot of third party tools to fix the battery backup on iPhone. But there are several points that are needed to be taken into consideration to make the battery long lasting. Here is how you can do that;

How to Save Battery on iPhone

Before jumping right into fixing the battery backup, let us first talk about how and why iPhone’s battery discharge at a faster rate.

So, we’ve divided everything into smaller fragments where we’ll first describe the causes of the battery drain, and with that, we’ll be describing, How to Save Battery on iPhone.

Let us dive in;

1. Background app and their refresh rates

Almost everyone is now aware of the fact that phones eat a lot of battery juice when there are a lot of apps running in the background. This is because the apps are continuously eating up resources, such as the CPU, GPU, and the RAM.

So to perform the calculations for the apps, powers are required, and hence the battery keeps on getting drained.

Furthermore, if you are aware of your usage on your device, you can cut down on this unwanted battery drain.

Suppose you know that you only log into your social media accounts only once a day, then you can restrict all the social media apps altogether. This will not only save battery but also will increase your productivity.

How to Fix?

You can disable the background app refresh for any app via the settings menu.

Go to the Settings app and then select the Background App Refresh option.

You can disable the feature entirely for all the apps, or you can choose a specific set of apps to enhance the battery backup of your iPhone.

Disable Background App Refresh
Disable Background App Refresh

2. Automatic updating of the Apps via App Store

With the new updates, Apple has added this functionality where users are not supposed to update their apps manually. This can be done automatically in the background.

This eats a lot of data with the battery juice. Also, the updates come in more frequently than you can ever think of. So why not just snoozing off the automatic updates for a while?

How to Fix?

You can choose to disable the automatic updates for the apps and therefore prevent the system from looking for new updates now and then. This will save a lot of battery backup.

Here is how you can disable the auto-update feature;

Go to the settings app and then choose the iTunes and App Store option.

Now, check the Auto Updates section. Make the option disabled by using the toggle button.

Make sure that the option should become greyed out once the updates are disabled.

Turn OFF Automatic updates
Turn OFF Automatic updates

3. Auto Brightness

Every phone now comes with auto-brightness sensors placed on the forehead of their device. Similar is the case with iPhone.

iPhone’s auto brightness sensor detects the intensity of light that is present in the surrounding. And this estimation, lead the device to crank up or decrease the brightness of the display.

For example, in a well-lit room, the iPhone’s auto brightness sensor will crank up the brightness so that you’ll be able to see more clearly.

And in dimly lit areas, iPhone screen brightness will automatically go down to keep your eyes safe.

This requires a lot of battery, both in the increased screen brightness state and some of it is also used up by the auto brightness sensor.

How to Fix?

You can disable the auto brightness feature altogether.

Simply, navigate to the Settings option

Then go to Display and Brightness

Now, check for the auto brightness slider and make sure to turn it off.

Note- this is beneficial if you tend to keep your device always in a dimly lit room. But sometimes, turning the auto brightness sensor also helps the device to reduce the consumption of the battery. Suit yourself and find your classic condition where you work and how your iPhone’s screen brightness react that. And then make a change to the default setting.

Turn OFF Auto Brightness
Turn OFF Auto Brightness

4. Keeping the mobile data OFF

Do you know that using the mobile data continuously cause an overall decrease in the battery backup of your device? YES, it does harm your battery back up and the battery life to an extent.

Apart from this, it is better to switch to a WiFi network instead. Using a Wireless connection over the typical 3G and 4G serves way better results when the battery performances are measured side by side.

Sure, using the WiFi connection also eats up the battery, but it is almost 30-40% low as compared to that of the 3G and 4G connection.

Keeping your phone disconnected from the internet is just being foolish. Sure, if you think that you don’t need internet for a certain period, you can disable both WiFi and 3G/4G altogether.

How to Fix?

Head over to the settings menu

Look for WiFi and use the toggle option to turn it ON.

Now, head over to the Mobile Network section and make sure to use the toggle controls to turn the Mobile Data OFF.

Mobile Data OFF
Mobile Data OFF


5. Personal Hotspot

Apart from the use of continuous 3G/4G over WiFi, what worse is, using your iPhone as a portable hotspot. Sure, there are scenarios when you need to access some information from the internet on your laptop or PC. and the use of iPhone as a hotspot is justified in such emergency situations.

But using your iPhone as a portable hotspot not only make the device lose battery juice more rapidly but also makes it warmer. Thereby making it slower day by day.

Hotspot first requires your phone to 3G/4G data and then converts itself into a WiFi switch to transmit and broadcast data.

The combination of all these events leads to increase in the battery consumption of iPhone.

How to Fix?

Disable the Hotspot. Go to the settings option and then visit the Personal Hotspot section to use the toggle controls to turn it off completely.

Turn OFF Personal Hotspot
Turn OFF Personal Hotspot

6. Location Services

Do you know that when the Location Services are turned ON, your device continuously looks for your location? And the refresh rates are high.

There are a lot of apps that collect your real-time location data. Well, this is both compromising with your anonymity and security, and it also affects the battery backup. Continuously firing up of the GPS sensor tends to decrease the battery backup.

How to Fix?

Go to the settings option and head over to the privacy menu.

Now make sure to navigate to the Location Services.

Once you are in, use the toggle controls to turn the Location Services OFF.

Additional tip- you can also turn location access for individual apps also.

Turn OFF Location Services
Turn OFF Location Services

7. Bluetooth

We’ve seen a lot of people who keep their Bluetooth radio ON 24×7. Well, this may help them connect to their audio system in their cars, or when they enter their home, they can automatically connect to their smart devices. But what they don’t know is, even in the non-connected state the Bluetooth drains a lot of battery.

How to Fix?

Always make sure to turn your iPhone’s Bluetooth radio OFF to make sure that no extra battery is being leaked.

Go to the Settings app and then choose the Bluetooth option. Now, use the slider option to make sure that it has been turned OFF.

Disable Bluetooth
Disable Bluetooth


8. Purchase an additional battery pack

It has become a trend now of keeping an additional battery pack with you. Sure, it is not an actual method that can SAVE battery on your phone. But in turn, it’ll increase the iPhone’s juice over time.

There are a lot of battery packs available in the market in fancy form factors and designs. The most popular and handy one is the iPhone’s battery cover.

This battery pack comes in the form of a back case for your iPhone. The cover is fitted with an external battery. One end of this battery cover fits into the lightning port of your iPhone, and it continuously provides juice to the iPhone’s internal battery.

While charging, you are putting in juice to the cover’s battery first and then it transfers that juice to the iPhone. Thereby charging both at once.


Final words

So these were some of the best ways to provide you an additional juice on your iPhone. Let us know in the comment section below, what all points mentioned in ‘How to Save Battery on iPhone’ actually made a difference in your phone’s battery backup.

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