Know all about the Best PS3 Emulators for PC you can find in 2020!

PlayStation has been the most popular video games amongst all age groups since its launch. PS3 competed for the seventh generation games like Nintendo’s Wii and Xbox 360. This successor of PlayStation 2 had no defeat. PlayStation 3 developed by Sony in 2006 had no defeat. It was later in 2009 he slim version of PS3 was introduced and it was even slimmest in the year 2012.

Now to play this amazing game on your PC emulator was the basic requirement.

‘ An emulator is referred to as a software program that makes a device ( host ) imitate the function of another device ( guest).

Any software, tool, program or app designed for the guest device or operating system can be played on the host device with the help of emulators without any kind of hindrance.’

List Of PS3 Emulators For PC :

The most preferable PS3 Emulator at present for PC is RPCS3. It was developed by DH and Hykem in the year 2011. It is an open source emulator designed for Windows and Linux with the help of C++ coding.

RPCS3 Emulator :

 RPCS3 Emulator :

RPCS3 is a free emulator that is easy to use and run on both the operating system on your PC or Laptop that is Windows and Linux.

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System Requirements For RPCS3 Emulator:

  • It is compatible with Windows 7 or above versions. Both the Windows / Linux should be 64 bit to use this emulator.
  • Having a modern processor with SSSE3 support is a must in the system for the proper functioning of the emulator.
  • The RAM should be above 4GB, preferable is 8GB RAM for the smooth functioning of Emulator.
  • MS Visual C++ Redistributable 2015.
  • GPU that can support OpenGL 4.3 or higher.
  • PS3 pup system software file.
  • PS3 self-dumbed games or apps.
  • MS DirectX End-user Runtime.

With these basic requirements on your system, you can easily play PS3 on your PC. Get a USB controller or a Bluetooth Controller and you are good to connect to your PlayStation. It does not allow you for a full flashed access to PS3 but some of the games like God Of War, Demon Souls can be easily played.

Emulator X:

 Emulator X

Emulator X is yet another PS3 emulator for PC. It is designed and developed for the Windows and the Mac operating system. It is available for free but is a locked version. It does not support all the games but some of the games fit best with this emulator. Games like God Of War III can be played with no boundaries. It is completely supported by the emulator.

To play the PS3 games on your PC with the help of this emulator either you need to have DVD of PS3 games or download .iso file of your desired game from the web. Now to play any game you need to open the Emulator X and select the game source and file from the destination source and open it in the emulator.

Emulator X is not yet completely developed and is under continuous revision. It also might have some bugs but the best part is that it allows you to play PS3 games on your PC. The latest update in this emulator introduced the feature of Netplay. Netplay allows you to play the games over the LAN and you can even host your own servers. But you cannot play it on PlayStation network even now. It requires a lot more updations to get a user the best experience of playing PS3 on your laptops and computers.

Mednafen – PS3 (CFW):

It is a port of the Mednafen multi-system emulator. It runs on almost all the operating systems. This free open source software is currently based on PSL1GHT SDK. This emulator also allows you to play a lot of PS3 games as well as Nintendo games on your PC. The latest updations introduced the current version 0.9.16 – wip that gives you the access to PS3 on your Windows PC.

Though you can run the game with the help of emulators you may not enjoy all the games as it has very low speed and low compatibility for PlayStation 3. Still, it is the very basic version of the emulator that is under periodic revisions. It may give us a better experience in future.

Final Words:

The article gives you the idea about the common available PS3 emulators available for different platforms. Though all the emulators are available for Windows Operating System for the version Windows 7 and above. Go through the guide thoroughly and choose the emulator as per your requirement and the emulator specification. Check for the software compatibility with your OS before you directly jump to download the emulator.

Once you have one of the emulators for PS3 on your PC, you can enjoy a few popular PS3 games on your PC if not all.

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