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Every year a lot of games arrives on both Android and iOS platform. A lot of gamers invests a lot when it comes to gaming. There are a lot of simulator-based games available in the market today. One such game is OpenTTD. OpenTTD is a business simulation game, in which the gamers are offered money for performing tasks. Some of the basic tasks in the OpenTTD includes transporting passengers by rail, road, water and by air. As the level progresses the difficulty of the OpenTTD increases. To curb these restrictions, you can use OpenTTD Cheats.

OpenTTD Cheats not only offers you with a variety of tricks that you can apply during the gameplay but also gives additional functionalities.

OpenTTD Cheats tends to make your OpenTTD gaming experience even better, with the variety of cheat codes the gamer feels much more content.

These cheats are available for both Android devices, PC and Mac OS devices. But first, let us know more about OpenTTD game, and in the later sections, we’ll describe all the OpenTTD Cheats that you can use right now. Let’s get started;

OpenTTD Cheats – Uses

  • As it has been already mentioned that the OpenTTD game is solely based on a simulation business strategy model, where the player needs to transport customers and consignments. The mode of transportation is via water, air, road and even rail. Once the task is accomplished the the gamer is rewarded in the form of some cash money.
  • This cash money can be used later to upgrade your character and perform a whole lot of other stuff. The game is available in many languages. The OpenTTD also supports LAN connection while playing on a multiplayer system with a lot of other players worldwide.
  • Apart from this, OpenTTD supports over 255+ players that can play the game simultaneously on a single server. Initially in the year 1999 when the game was released the developer was using SourceForge servers but later in the year 2005 they’ve migrated to their servers, thus making the gaming experience more customizable.
  • OpenTTD stands for Transport Tycoon Deluxe, the game was first made for Windows 95 PC’s but as the technology progressed they started released newer versions for modern day platforms.
  • The latest version of OpenTTD was released on April 01, 2018. That included the 1.8 version updates for the OpenTTD. It patches some of the legendary cheat codes, but some of them still work today.
  • As of now, the OpenTTD is available for MS Windows, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and NetBSD, apart from this there is also a version of OpenTTD that works on Linux, MacOS, and Solaris.
  • There are several unofficial variants of the OpenTTD that works on Android, iOS, Nintendo DS, Wii and PSP devices.
  • So for the android devices and iOS users, yes you can get OpenTTD installed on your devices without any hassle.

Let us now know more about the salient features that OpenTTD offers.

OpenTTD Cheats – Features

As you’ve been introduced to the gameplay already, you are aware of the exact strategy that the players have to follow while playing this game.

  • Furthermore, there are some of the added benefits that enhance the functionality in the recent updates; here are some of them;
  • OpenTTD now offers the users to choose from several different Aircraft types, the trains lengths can also be adjusted, and apart from this the NewGRF industry production is now properly displayed.
  • The users now can arrange windows side by side, and now, with just the touch of a button, you can also use the right click additional controls.
  • Additionally, the exact status of bankruptcy is also examined before the total amount of the budget is set.
  • Furthermore, the graphics have now been improved.
  • Because of some technical glitches, the train mar array has been removed.

So far so good, now we’ll learn how you can download OpenTTD on your android device and can use OpenTTD cheats.

openttd hacks engine
OpenTTD Game

OpenTTD Download and Install

As it has been already mentioned that the well-known game of 90’s, OpenTTD is not officially available for the Android and iOS devices as of now. So there is no chance of finding the game on Google Play Store and the App Store. But there are several unofficially released APK files available on the internet that allows you to play OpenTTD on your Android and iOS smartphone and tablets.

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OpenTTD Cheats Download – Anroid Install

As the OpenTTD official apk file hasn’t been released for the Android ecosystem, you won’t be able to download it via the Google Play Store.

  • You need to download the APK file from some source on the internet. Some of the working versions are available and can be fetched via the Google Search.
  • Make sure to perform a Google Search and search for ‘OpenTTD.’
  • Open the first result and tap on the download button.
  • The OpenTTD APK file will get downloaded on your Android device within a few seconds.
  • Once the app is installed, you are supposed to install it, but as the Android system doesn’t allow the installation of unsigned apps, you may need to enable ‘Unknown Sources’ option.
  • This option can be found by going into the settings menu and then to the security settings option.
  • Once you’ve enabled this option, you’ll now move a bit further and use a file manager program you’ll navigate to the folder where you’ve downloaded the OpenTTD APK file
  • Once you are in the directory, make sure to tap on the APK file icon to begin its installation.
  • The app will get installed in the background.
  • And once you open the app, you’ll be able to use OpenTTD cheats on it too.
  • We’ll be describing several OpenTTD cheats that you can apply on your Windows PC, and some of them can also be applied to your Android devices.

OpenTTD Cheats – Application

So, we’ll be describing the cheat codes for devices that are officially supported for OpenTTD. So let us begin with some of the important cheat codes for Windows PC and Mac devices.

Ctrl + Alt + C for Windows

Control + Cmd (⌘) + C OR Ctrl + Alt (⌥) + C for Mac

This control will give you access to the cheat menu.

This will enable you to access all of the options that are not generally present within in the game itself. Here’s what all you can perform by activating these cheat codes:

1. Increase the money: You can increase the money earned by you by £10,000,000. Furthermore, you can also decrease the money, but not everyone does that. You can press the option sometimes to increase or decrease the money below zero.

2. Playing as a company: This option allows you to play as a company thereby giving you the advantage to play with their vehicles and money. Apart from this, you may need to save the game before using this cheat, because of some probable errors related to the assertion.

3. Magic Bulldozer: OpenTTD is nothing without some adventure. This mode allows you to destroy industries and other objects that are present in the gameplay. You get to remove and destroy all the other unmovable objects from the scene.

4. Crossing the tunnels:  You can enable this option to make two or more tunnels to cross each other.

5. Preventing the Jet Planes from crashing: You can stop the large planes to crash at small airports; anyhow they crash occasionally. You can use this cheat to prevent frequent crashes of the jet planes.

6. Changing the date and time: Using this command, you can either go back in time and reset all your progress, or you are also allowed to travel ahead of time. Time is your slave with this cheat code in OpenTTD cheats. Though, it doesn’t allow inflation or expiring of the vehicles. ‘reset engines’ cheat

Within the date cheat you can type in ‘reset engines’ to make sure to open the expired trains and consoles. One more addition to this, once you’ve gained some train, or vehicles or even stations they’ll be available for you no matter what cheat code you’ll end up adding within the date cheat.

7. Modifying production values: You can modify and change the amount of the cargos that are produced. Also, there were some cheat codes that used to work way back, but now they don’t help with anything. So, we aren’t mentioning them here. More so, the controls within each cheat code are simple, you just need to turn them ON or OFF, and you are good to go.

openttd cheats
OpenTTD Cheats

Open TTD Cheats : Final Words

OpenTTD Cheats opens up some of the boundaries in OpenTTD game. There is no need to download any MOD or patch to be able to use all of these cheats. These are built right into the game itself.

Let us know in the comment section below by far which one of the above-mentioned cheats you liked the most. Stay tuned for more cheat, and hacks.

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