How to download OneBox HD APK for Android, iOS, and PC (2019).

OneBox HD APK helps you cut the cord and lets you download your favorite video, movies, TV shows and documentaries on a single platform. The OneBox HD APK has been rated highly on social media platforms by the users and getting popular day after day. There is a very less chance that you won’t like this app.

There are some ways of installing OneBox HD APK it on your devices. We’ll discuss each one of these separately here. So, let’s jump right into it;

What is OneBox HD APK?

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OneBox HD APK is your only place where you can download high-quality rich video, movies, TV shows and documentaries. A lot of new releases are added immediately in the OneBox HD APK. The app can not only work on Android devices but can also be installed on Windows systems also.

The app hosts a huge database that is sorted in categories and presented in the form of a library. You can watch content from genres like Cartoon, Anime, Drama, Thriller, Fiction, etc.

Let’s know how you can download OneBox HD APK on your android device.

OneBox HD APK features and Benefits

OneBox HD APK is available for free, and there is no charge for consuming the content available on the app.

  • The interface of OneBox is easy and user-friendly.
  • The overall size of the downloaded APK file is very small.
  • New movie releases are updated with the latest TV show news.
  • OneBox HD APK supports pro player which can be used to both stream and download the content.

How to Install OneBox HD APK on Android Device?

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So, we usually download apps and games for our Android device via the Google Play Store. It is safe, and as the apps are digitally signed, we don’t bother installing them. Also, the apps hosted on the Google Play Store are genuine. But unfortunately, OneBox HD APK isn’t available in the Google Play Store.

But that doesn’t mean that we can’t get it installed on our devices. There is a way by which we can install it directly on our devices flawlessly. The method is a bit more tedious but hey! We are here to make it hassle-free.

So, ever heard of sideloading android apps?

If you try to install any app that has been downloaded from some other source than Google, your Android device will show a warning that you can’t install this app.

How to get rid of this restriction?

Well, sideloading is a method where you install unsigned apps or the apps that are downloaded from anywhere but Google Play Store on your Android device.

Here is how we are going to install OneBox HD APK on our android device;

  • First of all, we need to enable sideloading. For that go to the Settings icon and open it.
  • Now, check for Security option and tap on it.
  • Scroll down and turn ON ‘Unknown Sources.’ Turning this on will enable us to sideload the apps.
  • Now, download the OneBox HD APK from the official source.
  • Make sure to keep it somewhere safe on your device memory say, the Documents folder.
  • Now, open up any file manager app such as ES File Explorer and navigate to the folder where you’ve downloaded OneBox HD APK.
  • Simply, tap on the OneBox HD APK icon to begin its installation.
  • Congrats! You’ve installed OneBox HD APK successfully; now you can enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies and what not?
  • Note- after you are done with sideloading OneBox HD APK on to your device, please make sure that you disable or turn OFF the ‘Unknown Sources’ option in the Security menu. This will ensure that no other app can be installed without your permission.

How to Install OneBox HD APK on Windows PC?

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In most of the cases, the developer releases a windows compatible variant but in our case, there is no Windows client yet released for OneBox HD APK. But it doesn’t mean that ‘We can’t install the app on Windows PC’!

There are ample installation ways by which you can install it on your Windows System and enjoy the content on a larger screen. Here’s how it is done;

As there is no dedicated Windows Client available for OneBox HD APK we need to install an Android Emulator first on our Windows Machine.

You are now left with two options for the android emulator.

  1. BlueStacks Player
  2. Nox App Player

There are a lot more android emulators that are available in the market, but both of these are your best shot. Moving on;

Download any of the emulators mentioned above on your Windows Device and make sure to install them.

Setting up Android Emulator

  • So, after you’ve installed any one of the Android emulator mentioned above emulators.
  • You’ll be taken to the setup screen where you’ll be asked about your language preferences and details about your Google Account.
  • The setup is really simple and similar to what we’ve seen while setting up an Android device.
  • Now, sideload the app.
  • Open the built-in browser and navigate to the OneBox HD APK link that we’ve provided.
  • Now, make sure to keep the downloaded APK file at a safe place.
  • Go to Settings and then Security Settings, now Enable ‘Unknown Sources’ option from there to facilitate sideloading OneBox HD APK.
  • Head over to the location where you’ve saved the downloaded file using the built-in file manager and tap on the icon to begin the installation.
  • Once the OneBox HD APK is installed, you can enjoy downloading HD content on the app.

Note- Make sure to disable ‘Unknown Sources’ to ensure no installation will go through without your permission.

How to download OneBox HD APK on iOS devices?

Unfortunately, OneBox HD APK isn’t available for iOS devices and only, therefore, can only work on Android devices. Check this space for more updates.

How to set up and use OneBox HD APK?

Setting up OneBox HD APK is very easy. Simply open up the app choose the network and language preferences.

Now, use the search feature in OneBox app to find your favorite TV show, Movie, Documentary, etc.

You have the option to play and stream, and you can also download the content for offline watching.

OneBox HD APK known issues and how to resolve

Cannot play this video error

  • Try force closing the app from the launcher and re-run the movie again by logging in to the app.
  • You can additionally clear the cache and data for the app by going to Settings and then Apps section.
  • Reboot your device and try again.
  • Re-install the new version of OneBox HD APK is the problem persists.


  • Check for the internet connectivity on your android device.
  • Make sure to be connected to a strong Wi-FI signal as the mobile connection may often give you hiccups.

OneBox HD APK is Not Working! Force Close issue

  • Make sure that all the permissions that the app asks for are permitted.
  • If you are on a rooted android device make sure to check for any other conflicting app.
  • Remove the app data completely.
  • In spite of following all these measures, if the problem persists, remove the app completely and reinstall it.

OneBox HD APK Alternatives

Nowadays, there are so many media streaming and downloading apps that offer rich high definition content on the go. OneBox HD APK is the best so far because it is free and the new releases are being added at regular intervals. Some of these are paid and works on a subscription model, and some are completely free. Pick one, try and let us know how does it go?

  • NetFlix
  • Rokua
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Popcorn Time
  • MegaBox
  • Movie Box
  • Hulu
  • Sky HD
  • Crackle
  • Playbox HD etc

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