OGYouTube APK 12.10.60-3.5U Download for Android, PC (Latest Version)

What is OGYouTube?

YouTube is unquestionably the most popular and biggest video sharing platform out there. Apart from offering the YouTube website, YouTube also has its official application for all major operating systems including Android and Mac.

Despite being very functional, the official YouTube application is not preferred by many users. The main reason is that the official YouTube application lacks some of the features that almost every user visiting a video sharing site would want.

The OGYouTube client is an application developed for the Android operating system that works very similar to the official YouTube app on any device. However, what makes OGYouTube APK very popular and different from the official YouTube application is because of the features that it offers.

The main highlight feature of the OGYouTube APK for Android is the ability to download YouTube videos directly from within the application to the internal storage space of any device. Not just the ability to download YouTube videos, but the OGYouTube application also let users decide the video quality in which they want to download the YouTube video and even lets users download YouTube videos in MP3 format.

How to Install OGYouTube on Mac and Windows PC?

If you are interested in checking out the OGYouTube app but does not have an Android device, you can still install and run the OGYouTube app on any Mac or Windows powered PC.

The OGYouTube application can be run on Mac or Windows machines with the help of Bluestacks, which is an Android emulator tool for Windows and Mac that allows the machines to run Android applications.

Below is how you can easily use the Bluestacks Android Emulator to run the OGYouTube APK on Windows and Mac powered machines.

  1. First, you will need to download and install the Bluestacks Android Emulator on your Mac or Windows PC. You can find and download compatible versions of Bluestack for your operating system from here.
  2. Once Bluestacks has been installed on your system, then go ahead and download the OGYouTube APK for Mac and Windows from here.
  3. After downloading the OGYouTube APK file, go ahead and click on the file and then click on the right mouse button.
  4. From the drop-down menu that appears, click on the option that says “Open With”.
  5. Again a new drop-down menu will appear with lists of applications installed on your system that can open an “.APK” format file. From the list, find the “Bluestacks” option and click on the same.
  6. Now the OGYouTube APK file will be opened using the Bluestacks Android Emulator.
  7. If you are prompted to log in to Bluestacks, do the same. You can log in to Bluestacks by using your Google account credentials.
  8. Once logged in, wait for the APK file to get installed on your Mac or Windows PC.
  9. After successfully completing the installation, you will then be able to see the OGYouTube app icon on the desktop of your Mac or Windows PC.
  10. Double-click on the OGYouTube icon to launch the application.

And that is it. Now you have successfully finished the guide on how to install OGYouTube on Mac and Windows PC.

Download OGYouTube for Android

Below is how to download and install OGYouTube for Android.

  1. Download the OGYouTube APK file from here.
  2. Connect your Android device to the PC.
  3. Copy/Paste the APK file to the root internal storage space of your Android device.
  4. Disconnect your Android device from the PC.
  5. Launch the APK file from your device.
  6. Wait for the installation procedures to complete.

And now you have successfully downloaded OGYouTube for Android and installed it on your device.

OGYouTube not Working How to Resolve

If you are facing an issue where the OGYouTube app does not work on your device, then you are not alone. OGYouTube app users often face an error where the OGYouTube app force closes or does not load any content in the app.

Below are different methods on how to resolve OGYouTube not working issue.

  • If you are using OGYouTube app on Mobile Data, then make sure that your data plan has not expired. An expired data plan will make loading of OGYouTube very slow.
  • Try switching between Mobile Data and WIFI.
  • Switch ON the Airplane Mode on your device and turn the airplane mode OFF again to reset the network connection.
  • Make sure that you have the latest version of the OGYouTube app installed on your device.
  • If the error persists, try uninstalling the OGYouTube app installed on your device and download a new version and install the same.

OGYouTube Features and Benefits

Below is a list of all the features of OGYouTube app and the benefits of using the OGYouTube APK.

  • All the features that are available on the official YouTube mobile app will be available in the OGYouTube app as well.
  • Download videos from YouTube in any video quality of your choice.
  • Download multiple videos at once from YouTube.
  • Download the subtitles of YouTube videos separately.
  • Play videos in the background while using any other Android app.
  • Play videos in a popup window over your screen.
  • Download YouTube videos in MP3 format.

How to Setup OGYouTube?

If you are using the OGYouTube app for the first time, below is how to setup OGYouTube easily.

  • Once you install the OGYouTube app on your device, go ahead and click on the OGYouTube app icon to launch the application.
  • While the application initializes for the first time, you may be asked to log in to the OGYouTube application by providing your Google account credentials. You will have to log in to OGYouTube the same way you log in to the official YouTube application and this is necessary to access YouTube content.

After logging in, the setup procedures are over and you can start using the OGYouTube application.

How to Use OGYouTube?

Below is a description of how to use OGYouTube application once you have installed and setup the application.

  • Launch the OGYouTube app on your device.
  • The app looks and works the same way as the official YouTube application.
  • Once you click on any video, below the video you can see two options: “Download” and “Background”.
  • The Download option allows you to download the video in any format you wish.
  • The Background option allows you to play the current video in the background.
  • In the video, you will be able to see a box-shaped button to the right of the video time. Clicking on this button will play the video in a popup window so that you can use other apps.

OGYouTube Alternatives

Below we have featured some of the very popular OGYouTube APK alternatives.

  1. NewPipe: NewPipe is one of the best OGYouTube APK alternatives out there. The main highlight of this application is the inbuilt support for YouTube Music, which is included in YouTube Red. There is also a popup mode that allows you to play either audio or video from YouTube in the background while using any other application.
  2. Videoder: Videoder is another popular alternative to OGYouTube and this application not only allows you to download videos from YouTube but also from more than 50 other websites as well. The application also allows users to convert videos to MP3 format while downloading and there is even support for 4K quality conversion in this app.
  3. TubeMate: TubeMate is a very popular video download and streaming application for Android and is also considered a really good alternative to OGYouTube. Apart from offering to stream or download videos from over 20 websites, the application also offers to directly download MP3 files of videos as well.

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