How to download Now TV App: Movies, TV & Sports on Android and iOS

In this era of Technology, we have seen a ton of apps that surfaced recently on the internet. A lot of media streaming apps have appeared on the Google Play Store and the App Store recently. One such is known as Now TV App. Now TV App is available for download on the Google Play Store and the Apple App store for free. Though, there is a subscription pass that is necessary for getting the curated content.

Apart from this period also a Now TV App sticks available in the market that allows you to watch the content directly on your television. just connect this stick to the HDMI port of television, and you are good to go. We will be going to know more about Now TV App, its features, functionality and how you can download the Now TV App on your Android and IOS devices.

Additionally, we will also tell you how you can use the app if you are located outside the UK. So let’s get going;

What is Now TV App?

Now TV App is a media streaming application that allows the uses of Android and IOS devices to stream Entertainment channels, movie, videos, kids related content, Sports, and so on.

now tv app

It is a subscription-based service which allows a minimum of 14 days of the free trial period. During the trial period, you can watch as much as 1000 movies on demand.

Apart from this app offers you 7 Sky Sports channels and you can also increase the number of channels by paying the subscription fees.

The setup is easy,  all you need is a working Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection in addition to the Now TV App. The app is available on the App Store and Google Play Store for no additional charge.

You are required to create an account during the first run of the app. this will allow you to enroll in their 14 day trial period. Once the trial period ends, you can extend the subscription by paying the subscription fees.

This app is available only in selected countries such as the UK. But there are a lot of ways by which we can bypass the service and watch it in any country, using VPN.

Unfortunately, if you are on a rooted device the sky, Now TV App doesn’t allow you to stream the content on your device.

This is because rooting of Android device or even jailbreaking of the iOS device may lead to the copying of their streams illegally.

Let us know more about the features that are offered in Now TV App in the next section.

Name of AppNow TV
Size of App55 MB
Required Android Version4.1+
Last UpdatedJune 2018
Download LinkClick Here
App DeveloperSky UK Limited
Offline Download SupportYes
Version of App7.2.3
Installation Counts1,000,000+
Available forAndroid and IOS
Cost IncurredFree

Features of Now TV App

  • Free video, movies, TV, kids TV, sports channel streaming service with the trial period of 14 days.
  • After the trial gets over the users are required to buy a monthly pass.
  • Register as much as four devices on a single account simultaneously.
  • You can watch The content offered by Now TV App on two devices simultaneously.

now tv app

The supported device list includes;

  •  iPhone
  •  iPad
  •  Android device
  •  Chromecast
  •  Roku
  •  LG smart TV
  •  Samsung
  •  Apple TV
  •  PlayStation 3
  •  PlayStation 4
  •  Xbox One
  •  Xbox 360
  •  PC- Windows 8 and Mac

Apart from this, they have introduced their own Now TV Apps stick that lets you convert your nonsmart TV into a smart TV.

Latest not discuss how you can install Now TV App directly on your IOS and Android device.

 How to download Now TV App?

As the app is available officially on the respective Android and IOS stores, i.e., Google Play Store and App Store respectively. The users can download the app from the sources without being in additional fees.

Download Now TV App for Android

On your Android device head over to the Google Play Store and search for Now TV App.

Tap on the first result that appears, and install the app.

When the app is installed, you can create your account and continue streaming for 14 days free.

Download Now TV App for iOS

Similar is the scenario with the iOS devices.

  1. Open the app store application on your iOS device.
  2. Look for the Now TV App term on the search menu.
  3. Tap on the first result and then tap on the get button to begin the download process the insulation will occur in the background.
  4. When is the app is installed you will be easily able to use the app for 14 days without any cost.

As it has been already mentioned that Now TV App serves in the UK reason only.

So if you are amongst the one who wants to use this app and you are not located in the UK, you can use the VPN method to enjoy the streaming services. Here’s how you can do that;

How To Use Now TV App if you are not located in the UK?

First of all because of the country restrictions you won’t be able to download the app from the Google Play Store and the app store.

Steps to Download

  1. For this, you need to sideload the app on your Android device wire from an external source.
  2. To search for the APK file, you need to perform a Google search when the keyword Now TV App APK.
  3. Now, from the top results check for one of the reliable sources from where you can download the APK file.
  4. The downloaded apk file will get stored somewhere in the downloads Directory on your smartphone or Tablet.
  5. To ensure a hassle-free installation of the APK file, there are some steps that are needed to be executed on your Android device first.
  6. To enable sideloading go to the settings option and then go to security.
  7. Now look for the option that says, ‘enable unknown sources,’ tap on this option to enable the function.
  8. This will allow the installation of unsigned APK that is being downloaded from sources other than Google Play Store.
  9. Now using a file manager navigate to the downloads directory on your Android device.
  10. Tab on the Now TV App APK file, the install the right away.

Once the app is installed, do not open the app, as we need to install a VPN Service on your Android device first. For this,

  • Open the Google Play Store app and search for VPN.
  • Download the protonVPN application from the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • Once the app is downloaded, try connecting it to the UK server.
  • Once it is connected to the UK server, open the Now TV App.
  • Make sure to create your account, and this will enable the 14 days streaming trial.

Note- Always make sure to run the VPN Service and connect to the UK server first, before opening the Now TV App. This will ensure that Now TV App is reading the right state of your location.

Issues with the Now TV App installation

Sometimes, there are these unwanted issues that may creep in during the installation or after the app has been installed. Let us address some of these issues;

  • The app failed to load on your Android device check whether your Android device is rooted or not.
  • Now TV App mentions that on the rooted device the app will not work.
  • Make sure to use the Android device that is not rooted or unroot your device first before installing the app.

The app failed to load on your iOS device

  • Check whether your iOS device is jailbroken or not.
  • If you think that your iOS device is jailbroken make sure to replace it with a non jailbroken iPhone or remove the jailbreak first before installing the app.
  • Now TV App has mentioned in their guidelines that their app can’t be installed on jailbroken iOS devices.

The Now TV App fails to load

  • Say, you are not on a jailbroken or rooted device still the service is not available for you.
  • This may be because Now TV App is not available in your country. It only works in the UK.

The Now TV App has failed to work on Kindle Fire HD device

  • Now TV App is not available for the Kindle Fire HD device as of now. Therefore you are not able to use the services of Now TV App.

Connection failed or waiting for the signal

  • Sometimes because of slow internet bandwidth or some server issues, Now TV App fails to stream the content.
  • To fix them, make sure to check your internet connection speed and the bandwidth.
  • Check for any background apps that are hogging on your internet connection and if there are some apps that are eating your bandwidth try closing them.

Final Words

Apart from the Smartphones and Tablets section Now, TV App has entered in the television segment also. With their Now TV App TV stick, they have circled a large area in the UK itself.

Unfortunately Now TV App can’t be used in other areas of the word.

Let us know were you able to bypass the restrictions via the VPN method or not? And what are your favorite TV streaming apps that you have installed on your phone?

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