Download Latest MX Player Mod APK v1.13.1 Android [Unlocked/Patched/No ads]

We all have at least one video playing the app on our smartphones to enjoy our favorite videos. Though you can directly watch the videos on social media apps or YouTube, there are multiple interesting apps available on Play Store which you must use.

You can download your favorite videos from different sites and play them on these robust video playing apps. Such video playing apps offer several features that allow you to fine-tune your videos according to your style and design.

Not only you can watch the videos on high quality, but you can tweak them the way you want. One such app is Mx Player Pro. Let us see in detail what this app is all about.

What is Mx Player Pro APK?

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Mx Player Pro APK is a marvelous video player app that is being loved for its nifty features and simple user-interface. This video player is huddled with robust features such as hardware acceleration, subtitle support and what not! One of the best things about this app is its ad-free version. But, for downloading it from the Play Store, you have to pay $5 which means the app is not free.

Even though it charges $5, hundreds of users have downloaded it for its bunch of awesome features. The free version of Mx Player offers limited features which is why more and more users are keen on buying the paid version.

Though there is a cap on the number of features in the free version, there is no functional limitation as such. If you want to check out this video player, you can first try the free version and then decide on buying the Pro version.

Mx Player Pro APKFeatures

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Mx Player Pro comes with a horde of amazing features to give a quality experience to the users. Let us see it’s featured in detail.

  • Mx Player works on multi-core decoding. It was one of the earliest Android-based video players that supported multi-core decoding. As per the test results, it has been conjectured that the performance of a dual-core based device is far better (70% more improved) when pitted against single-core based devices.
  • Mx Player Pro boasts ultra HD 1080p video quality. The novel pro version of Mx Player enables users to watch ultra high definition videos on their Android phones without any difficulties.
  • This player offers a wonderful feature of hardware acceleration which can be used to apply it to a wide range of videos with the help of HW + decoder.
  • Mx Player offers a very easy user-interface. The application process is not at all complicated and provides a clean experience to the users. The app looks good and users can quickly learn its usage.
  • There are multiple features such as pinch to zoom, pan, zoom, etc. Whenever you want to zoom in or zoom out, you can easily do so by swiping and pinching across the screen.
  • The Player has multi-core-based decoding SW and HW techniques. These help you to improve the performance and also enable you to play the video at excellent quality.
  • There is a wide array of functions that Mx Player offers such as pause screen, media selection, a display ad on the top side and what not! Majority of users do not like ads being displayed inside as it hinders their enjoyment of videos. Therefore, the app offers features to keep the advertisements out of your watching zone.

How to Download Mx Player Pro APK?

The download and installation process for Mx Player Pro APK is very easy. You can easily access it from the link provided in the article. Users can use it on their mobile phone can and check out the steps mentioned below.

Follow this step by step guide to download and install the Mx Player Pro Mod APK on your Android device.

Step 1: Download the MX Player Pro APK from the link provided here.

Step 2: Once the apk file gets downloaded, tap on it. It will ask you to enable “Unknown Sources.”

Step 3: After you have enabled the “Unknown Sources” under settings, tap on the Mx Player again.

Step 4: Now, install and open the app. You will find the videos stored on your phone’s memory here.

How to install Mx Player Pro APK?

Before downloading Mx Player Pro APK, make sure you have made your device competent to install the app. Check if you have made the following settings on your smart devices before installing the app.

  • You can even transfer your Mx Player APK from your computer to your smart devices using a USB cable, over Wi-Fi or any other transfer technique.
  • Now, open the Settings and scroll down to select Security under Personal. Make sure you have enabled the “Unknown Sources”.
  • Now, your device has become eligible for installing Mx Player Pro Mod APK from third-party APK files. Next step is to go to your File Manager and select the folder where you have stored the APK file.
  • You may have to tap on the Mx Player Pro APK file three to four times for starting the installation. Once the app has been installed, you will see its icon on your home screen.


Mx Player Pro APK gives you the ultimate video playing experience where you can get to play all your favorite videos. You will have high-quality videos at your disposal in just a few seconds.

The app has a simple user-interface coupled with super-cool features to enable users to enjoy an amazing experience. By using the Pro version of Mx Player APK, you will get additional features which will only enhance the user experience. The downloading process of the app is very easy and mentioned in detailed steps above.

Follow the instructions carefully and you will easily install Mx Player Pro Mod APK on your device. With the pro version, you will unlock new features and get access to easy and fine video playing capabilities of the Mx Player.

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