Download Latest Lightroom Pro Apk v5.2.1 (2020)

These days photography has touched a new level, with a lot of photo editing apps in the market it’s hard to choose one particular app that encloses all the cool features in it. Lightroom is one of the editing apps that has the built-in camera feature, which can take photos in RAW through smartphones and can offer editing in exposure, aperture, and other manual features. It is known to be the best app for professional photography, which offers to view, edit, and organize a large number of photos.

If you are addicted to photography and want to enjoy some of the advanced versions of the Lightroom app, then you should definitely download the Lightroom pro apk version. It can bring you more options to make fine adjustments to color, exposure, tone, and contrast and make pictures perfect.

What can Lightroom pro apk do?

Lightroom pro apk provides you with lots of new features that are not available in the free version of the Lightroom app. In the premium version of Lightroom pro apk, you can edit pictures using unique elements such as Color-Gradient that adds a vibrant gradient look to your photos. It also offers advanced features in which you can adjust shadow or light, or make photos bright and dull, heavy or light accordingly.

Features of Lightroom pro apk

 Here are the interesting editing features that are available in the Lightroom pro apk.

Capture: In the capture mode of Adobe Lightroom Pro apk, you will get the enhanced quality click from the camera of your smartphone. This version of Lightroom pro apk will altogether increase the quality of your smartphone display. It has HDR (High Dynamic Range), which allows you to capture a photo in the brightest to darkest tones by adding more details in it. Also, you will get more creative controls as it captures pictures with the DNG Raw Format.

Presets & Editing: In pro apk version, you will find more predefined settings to edit the photo than the Lightroom app. You can even transform your complete image from simple to fancy with the help of presets with just one tap. With the help of this version, you can change the color, exposure, contrast, tone and edit large albums at the same time. You can fix one consistent look from your favorite edits.

Store: In Lightroom pro apk, you can store and back up your original photos in Adobe creative cloud and edit them whenever you need to. You have an option available to import photos automatically and synchronize them in a creative cloud.

Organize: There are special tools available such as star ratings, flags, to organize a large number of photos. You can quickly search for them and organize in order. It offers artificial intelligence to tag photos based on information present inside them, such as a person’s name, location, and others.

Share: In pro apk version of Lightroom, you can share photos through web galleries and display them online. The Sync option will assist you for edits and get them updated at the same time. Using this version, you can share photos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media without having a premium account.

In Lightroom pro apk version, enjoy the extra benefits like;

  • In Lightroom pro apk, you can combine, merge and remove the object in the photos
  • Provides you advanced Color Enhancement techniques
  • You can use Premium Photo Editing Tools without paying money for it
  • Create amazing photos by editing them through inbuilt presets.
  • You can use selective editing tools to edit specific parts of the image
  • Backup your Photos in large numbers to the Adobe Creative Cloud
  • No Ads so enjoy Ad-Free Experience!

How to download Lightroom pro apk

The process of downloading Lightroom pro apk takes only a few minutes. You can access the apk link from the article and follow the below-mentioned steps to install the Lightroom pro apk on your phones.

Installation process:

There are a few easy steps to install Lightroom pro apk manually on your android phone:

Step 1. Before Installing Lightroom Pro Apk, you need to enable “Unknown Sources.”

Step 2. To enable ‘Unknown sources,’ first go to the settings then select ‘security option.’ Touch the “on” tab to enable the ‘Unknown Sources.’

Step 3. Now, you need to open the .apk file that you have downloaded before.

Step 4. Click on “Install.”

Step 5. Wait a few minutes to complete the procedure of Installation. Once the installation is done, you can open the app and start editing the photos.


Adobe Lightroom has brought new dimensions in the life of people who love photography. The app has offered numerous tools and presets to users from simple to advanced adjustment correction options.

The pro apk version unlocks many additional features in which you can upload photos on various social media platforms and can see comments that were shared through Lightroom Apk. With that, you can use an unlimited variety of editing features such as lens, brushes, color, depth, and other features for absolutely free.

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