JioSaavn Pro Mod Apk Download – V6.6.1 [Latest]

Music is something that changes one’s mood and releases happy hormones as well. It makes you dance, sing and even smile. The best part about music is that it is available in various varieties. Thus, you can choose one that syncs with your choice and mood.

Although, people used to listen to music on the radio in the olden times. Radio still exists. Then, a cam CD and DVD player. Although, now people just listen to music on their smartphones. There are various applications available that let you listen to your desired music. However, some apps are paid while some are free.

About Saavn Apk

If you are also addicted to music, then you can download Saavn Pro APK. It is an amazing app that has various songs from Bollywood, Hollywood, and albums from single artists. This app is really popular because it works on Android, Apple and Windows phone.

With Saavn mod APK, it is possible to create different playlists of your liking. Apart from that, it also creates different playlists on its own and suggests you. The other good part about Saavn is that it has music in various languages.

The Saavn Pro APK has a lot of benefits. The foremost one is that you can listen to music in offline mode as well. If you have a basic package, then you can only listen to music online. You will require the internet for it.

However, the premium version helps you listen to music without internet as well. Apart from that, the premium mode gives you the benefit of listening to music simultaneously on 5 different devices. Although, the premium version requires you to pay a monthly fee. However, it is always possible to download the Saavn pro cracked mod APK to listen to some good music. Before downloading the app, it is important to understand more about the app.

What is Saavn Pro Cracked Mod APK?

Saavn is basically online music streaming app. It is possible to listen to the music of your choice for free with Saavn. The app was first launched back in the year 2007. It is also possible to download songs using this app. It works all over India and it is possible to listen to even regional and international songs on this app.

Saavn Pro APK has almost 36 Million music tracks in 15 different languages. Also, the app keeps on updating the latest songs. It provides songs from Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood and various other industries. It also features songs from independent music artists.

It is important to understand that the availability of songs and choices remain the same in both Saavn and Saavn Pro. However, the Saavn Pro APK does have additional features and benefits. Also, it is very convenient to use.

Saavn Pro Cracked Mod APK -Features

  • Unlimited Downloads

The Saavn app does not keep a tab on the number of songs you download. You can download as many songs as you want and then listen to it offline. This can come in really handy while going on a road trip because there might be certain roads where you will not get a proper signal and thus, online streaming for songs will not work.

Apart from that, it always good to have a playlist created during parties and festival gatherings. The basic version has a lot of restrictions when it comes to downloading the songs.

  • No Ads

The Saavn pro cracked mod APK has a wonderful advantage. There are no ads to disturb you while streaming for music. The basic version has a lot of ads in between different songs.

Well, this can be really irritating when you are listening to your playlist while working. This is because you will not be able to skip the ads again and again. Also, while jogging or partying, these ads can be a hindrance.

With the cracked version, you will not have to worry about a single ad. Thus, it is a good idea to get the cracked version of Saavn.

  • High-Quality Audio

You will find a difference in the audio quality of the basic and cracked pro mod of Saavn. The Saavn Pro APK has 320 Kbps audio. On the other hand, the basic version has only 128 kbps of audio. Thus, it is always better to listen to songs in high-quality audio.

Also, an amazing feature which the Saavn pro cracked mod APK has is that it is auto-updated when a new version comes in. Thus, you will not have to worry about updates at all.    

How to download the Saavn mod APK?

Before you start with the complete installation process, it is important to go to the settings of your phone and enable the unknown sources to feature by going into the settings tab.


You will firstly have to download the Saavn Mod APK with the help of a link. Remember you will require a download link to finish this step.

Step 2:

After the download of the Saavn pro cracked mod APK is done, you will have to install it on your phone. For that, you will see an option pop in front of you. It will have a button named Saavn cracked APK. Click on it and install it.

Step 3:

You need to understand that it will take a few minutes for the installation process to occur. Please be patient during this time and do not run or use any other apps on your phone.

Step 4:

Once the installation procedure is done, you will see a pop-up option. Click on the done button on the pop-up.

Step 5:

Now, the app is ready to use. Click on the app and select the languages you want to hear your music in. After that, log in to the app and create an account.

Thus, there is no hassle in downloading the Saavn Pro cracked mod APK. It is possible to download it on any kind of smartphone irrespective of its operating systems.


Thus, these were some of the steps. This is a great app for all the music lovers who just cannot do anything without listening to music. Now, download music and listen to it offline with Saavn Pro APK.

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