Install Dolby Atmos Apk on Android (Root or No Root) [Latest Guide 2020]

About Dolby Atmos Sound.

Dolby Atmos was initially used in theatres for improved sound quality. But advancement and increasing use of Dolby Atmos has led to the development of Dolby Atmos Apk For Android Phones.

Dolby Atmos is a highly entertaining mobile application that lets you play the surround sound with moving audio clips. It lets you feel the sound in all directions with just built-in speakers or headphones. Dolby Atmos enhances your overall music experience and you can enjoy the songs with much more clarity, richness and power.

Dolby Atmos Features :

Dolby Atmos Sound

Dolby Atmos apk refers to the smartphone software that produces enhanced sound quality. If your Android Phone is enabled with Dolby Atmos Apk you can obtain the optimized audio capacity of your device with no compromise or interference in the sound quality. Some of the features of this application are:

  • High audio quality from your device.
  • User-interface with Dolby Atmos in your phone is very friendly and convenient.
  • It comes with an equalizer to let you gain the desired audio output from your phone and have improved experience.
  • You can enjoy the audio like that of home theater or multiplexes on your phone.

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How to install Dolby Atmos Apk for Android?

dolby atmos apk

Lenovo A7000 was the first Android phone to have Dolby Atmos. It was ported from this device to other Android phones. Nowadays most of the Android devices come with Dolby Atmos application pre-installed but if it does not then you can surely download Dolby Atmos Apk for your Android smartphone.

There are certain prerequisites that you ought to have, to install Dolby Atmos Apk, they are listed underneath:

  • Android phone running on jelly bean 4.3 or above.
  • Your Android smartphone should be rooted.
  • Bootloader should be unlocked.
  • Custom recovery must be installed in the phone, preferably Twrp .
  • You must be acknowledged to custom recovery, bootloader and root.
  • Dolby Atmos Zip File.

Method 1- Install Dolby Atmos Apk in your rooted Android devices:

  • In a rooted Android device we can install Dolby Atmos application by the custom recovery of Dolby Atmos Zip file.
  • To start with this basic knowledge of root, custom recovery and unlocking OEM is very essential. Without this knowledge you should not step ahead else it might lead to the phone or SD card damage.
  • Download the Dolby Atmos Zip File.
  • It is recommended to backup your data. In certain cases, you can come across loss in data.
  • Switch off the device and then reboot your Android phone to recovery mode.
  • Now search the install option. You can find it as the foremost option in Twrp or any other recovery installed on your device. Click on install to complete the installation process.
  • Now look for Dolby Atmos Zip File in downloads and click to install.
  • It will be installed on your device within a few seconds.
  • Reboot your device and enjoy the wonderful Dolby Atmos App on your Android device.

Method 2- Install Dolby Atmos Apk on Un-rooted Android:

Image result for dolby atmos apk

To have this interesting application on your device without root, you require

  • Android phone with no root.
  • Google play music app.

With these prerequisites follow the simple steps listed below to install Dolby Atmos Apk :

  • Download and install apk file of Dolby Atmos without recovery. It can be found easily over the web.
  • Put your ‘unknown sources’ installation settings to on, to avoid any kind of interruption in the installation process.
  • Default equalizer of your Android device or Google plays music should be disabled.
  • Open google play music. Go to its settings and enable Dolby Atmos in the equalizer. In most of the cases it is automatically updated.
  • Now the app is ready to use.

Dolby Atmos Apk Without Recovery:

Dolby Atmos Apk Without Recovery just acts as a Dolby Atmos Digital equalizer. You cannot enjoy all the features of Dolby Atmos application. To enjoy all the sound effects it is essential to root the device with custom recovery.

Dolby Atmos Apk Without Recovery works only with Google play music and no other application.

Dolby Atmos Apk FAQ :

  1. How to uninstall Dolby Atmos Apk?

Dolby Atmos apk can be simply be uninstalled on no root device but if you have rooted your device and installed the application using the zip file, you have to download Dolby Atmos Uninstaller Zip.

Switch off the phone and reboot to recovery mode, flash the Dolby Atmos Uninstaller Zip. Wipe the cache and Dalvik cache. Now the software is uninstalled from your device successfully. Reboot your phone back to normal mode.

  1. Is Dolby Atmos Application Available On Play Store?

No, the app cannot be found on Google play store. You have to download the apk file over the web to get this app on your phone.

  1. Is it available for iOS users?

Unfortunately, this app is not available for iOS devices.


If you are not satisfied with the sound output of your Android device, it is a must-have app for you. It will help you enjoy the music on your Android phone with the high-quality sound output. The result is always better with the use of headphones or earphones.

So what are you waiting for, go through the write-up it gives you complete step by step procedure to get Dolby Atmos Apk For Android Phone. You can follow the steps and enjoy the entertaining app on your device for both rooted and no root Android smartphones.

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