Download GBWhatsApp Apk 7.40 Latest Version (Updated) 2020

GB WhatsApp application is one of the most wonderful modified version of WhatsApp application. It consists of many attractive new features. The app is normally available for Android devices. Android users can use this modified application in order to operate multiple WhatsApp accounts. This application allows users to do a lot of tasks and adjust several things as well. GB WhatsApp application usually helps to separate the conflict between professional and personal WhatsApp messages. If you operate WhatsApp application on a daily basis then GB WhatsApp application is best for you.

GB WhatsApp App – Features

gb whatsapp app

GB WhatsApp application is fully loaded with the most amazing and exciting features. The features of GB WhatsApp apk is very beneficial and useful for regular WhatsApp users. Once you successfully install the application, you will surely have access to all the amazing features. Here is the complete list of the features of GB WhatsApp app are as follows-

  • Users can make use of custom themes theme.
  • You can also be able to use multiple WhatsApp accounts through this app.
  • GB WhatsApp app supports multiple languages and multiple language translator also.
  • The app assists to revoke or nullify old messages or chats.
  • Modify the last location.
  • Provide customised tick mark facilities.
  • With this app, users can change their last seen status.
  • You can disable or block WhatsApp calls.
  • It allows users to even hide the second tick.
  • Changing notification icon as well as launcher icon.
  • You can customize the double tick style of WhatsApp app.
  • It enables users to send even more than 15mb video clip to the contacts.
  • It has increased the characters of WhatsApp status to 250.
  • Users can send more than 30 images simultaneously.
  • The app is designed with an amazing “Do Not Disturb” feature which assists to mute people or contacts who disturbs a lot.
  • You can also send messages to the people who are not in your contact list.
  • It allows users to pay friends through the bank account and many more.

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GB Whatsapp App Apk

GB WhatsApp application is normally designed with exciting and interesting features which come in handy for daily WhatsApp users. With this application, users can easily send more than 90 images rather than sending 10 images in original WhatsApp application. It has many other attractive features too. All you require to install the application and experience every single feature for betterment and satisfaction. As the app offers a high level of privacy as compared to original WhatsApp. So, this app can be a good source for you if you are a regular WhatsApp user.

GB Whatsapp App Download new version

gb whatsapp app

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Normally, GB WhatsApp modified app is not an official application and also not available on Google play store. So, if you are want to download or install this greatest application in your android device. Download it from the link given by the app developers or from another alternative websites. The application is available for free. All you need is to follow the steps mentioned below in order to successfully install this application.

Step 1- Firstly, Go through your device’s settings and enable unknown sources or third- party sources in order to install GB WhatsApp successfully without any jailbreak.

Step 2- you do not require to uninstall original WhatsApp application.

Step 3- just go through the GB WhatsApp website, find the link and download the apk file simply in your device with that link.

Step 4- find the GB WhatsApp apk file in files manager folder and install the app by double-clicking on the “install” option provided on that link.

Step 5- Now open the application and tap on “agree and continue”.

Step 6- after that, it will ask for verification of your mobile number. For the verification process, you require to choose your country name and enter phone number then click “OK”.

Step 7- wait for the confirmation code for verification and it will detect automatically.

Step 8- and lastly you need to tap on “continue” button to know the features of this application.

Step-9 now you can enjoy all its features for free.

GB Whatsapp App: FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about GB WhatsApp application mentioned below-

Q 1- Is GB WhatsApp app is better than original WhatsApp?

A 1- Yes, it is better than original WhatsApp because it provides more exciting features which regular WhatsApp users can use for greater satisfaction.

Q 2- Is GB WhatsApp application is available for iOS or iPhone device?

A 2- No, it is not available for iPhone devices.

Q 3- Do I need to uninstall original WhatsApp application to install GB WhatsApp?

A 3- No, it is not necessary to uninstall original WhatsApp application in order to download GB WhatsApp.

Q 4- Does GB WhatsApp app allow users to operate more than two WhatsApp apps in the same Android device?

A 4- Yes, it enables people to use multiple WhatsApp applications in the same android phone.

Q 5- Can I set a favourable password for GB WhatsApp application?

A 5- Yes, you can easily and simply set a password for this application for security.

Q 6- How to download GB WhatsApp application successfully?

A 6- As it is clearly mentioned above that the modified version of WhatsApp “GB WhatsApp” app is not available in play store. So you need to install its apk file from the official website in order to download the application on your Android device.

GB Whatsapp App: Final Words

GB Whatsapp apk is the best-modified software of WhatsApp which is available for free. It basically provides access to uncountable new features. It is one of the popular applications designed for Android phones or Android devices. GB WhatsApp app is useful or beneficial only If you operate WhatsApp very often or on a regular basis. The best thing about this application is you can operate GBWhatsApp along with your original WhatsApp without any problem. Download the amazing modified version of WhatsApp and enjoy it’s interesting features.

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