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What is Freedom APK?

Freedom APK is one of the leading and best game hacking apps in the market for android or tablet devices. Not for gaming apps, freedom APK is capable of handling all of the other android applications in the same manner. The app is designed for users who do not want to spend a penny for the premium benefits and want to unlock extra or advanced features for their ultimate games and daily use apps.

The Freedom APK version generates a hacking path for the online payment for the applications that require ‘in-app purchases’ features with ensuring to develop a fake credit card. This Fake credit card is further used to make a hoax payment through bypassing the Google payment system. In this way, the user can avail all the features without actually paying for them.

Freedom APK features

Here is the list of brilliant features of Freedom app through the APK version;

  • Grant the users premium game features and in-app purchases for free.
  • Freedom APK supports an almost maximum number of android applications and games.
  • One can use unlimited coins, gems, weapons, boosters, keys, and power-ups for the gaming purposes for free, now you can absolutely play like a pro.
  • The latest version of freedom APK entertains high-quality and heavy games smoothly.
  • The Freedom APK is compatible and works with all kinds of apps of the android version of smart devices.
  • The version gets updated regularly, that removes ads, and clears all the bugs.
  • Importantly, Freedom APK is a root-free app for Android devices.

How to download freedom APK on Android?

There are several android apps used by smartphone users, and through this, developers gain high profits, especially from in-app purchases. A person has to pay a specific amount to use all the in-app purchases from the premium version of apps. For that a new app is developed known as ‘Freedom APK’ that grants the users game coins and other things for free.

To avail all these features, one needs to download and install the Freedom APK version in their smartphones. Downloading is very easy; all it needs is to click on the mentioned ‘download link’ in the article and follow the steps to install Freedom APK in your device.

Requirements :

Permission Required for the Installation:

  • Internet Access Required
  • Modify System Settings
  • Kill Background Tasks
  • Get Accounts
  • Write External Storage
  • Read Phone State
  • Reboot Device
  • Install, Force Stop Packages

Minimum requirements to install freedom APK:

Before the installation of freedom APK in the android device, it is vital to check all the “minimum requirements” of the app. Here is the list that you need to have;

  • The android device should be version 2.3 (Gingerbread) or more.
  • The android phone needs to be rooted before the installation. ( One can try Creehack app to root the phone)
  • The android device should maintain 512 MB RAM.
  • There should be at least 100 MB of free internal storage.

How to install freedom APK on Android?

To install the freedom APK version on your android device, follow the mentioned steps;

  1. First, the user needs to enable the ‘unknown sources’ from the settings menu of the device.
  2. Then go for the downloaded APK file, click on the install button.
  3. Wait for the installation; a request page will open. Tap on the root button ( permission is accessed)
  4. Now the user can see all the listed apps which require ‘in-app purchases.’
  5. Click on the application and avail the free game coins, bullets, and so on by using the freedom app.

How to fix Google Play Store error after installing Freedom APK?

Sometimes users can face some difficulties after the installation of Freedom APK; it consistently displays “No connection error” on your screen. There is no need to worry as the issue can be fixed within a fraction of a few minutes. Follow the steps to resolve the error;

  • Step 1. You need to download an extra file manager in your android device that allows for editing system files.
  • Step 2. Then look for the root directory in your android device and search for the folder named as ‘system.’
  • Step 3. Open ‘etc.’ folder and find a host file over there.
  • Step 4. You need to edit that host’s file and paste the below code in it.   “ LOCALHOST”
  • Step 5. After that, save the file. Go to open the application manager from the settings of the android device.
  • Step 6. Select Google Play Store and click on the Clear Data tab.
  • Step 7. Lastly, you need to reboot the device now.

The issue will be fixed. Now you can easily use the free in-app purchases while using the Freedom app.

How to use Freedom APK?

Here we provide you with the stepwise guide to fully avail the Freedom APK for the android apps/games.

  • Step 1. Open the Freedom app on your android device.
  • Step 2. A pop-up window will appear on the screen for the ‘root permission’ to access the available apps of your device.
  • Step3. After you grant permission, the list of all apps will appear, and you can access any of the applications through it.
  • Step 4. As the rooting process finishes, the user will be able to see the applications and games with the upgraded versions on the home screen of the Freedom app.
  • Step 5. Click on any app of your choice to unlock its in-app purchases features.
  • Step 6. Again you will be directed to the particular app that you chose previously.
  • Step7. At this moment, you will be instructed to make payment at the purchase store.
  • Step 8. You have to select a purchase option, automatically the details of the Freedom Credit card generated to make your purchase without spending any real money.
  • Step 9.Click on the ‘Pay’ button for the payment; it will show ‘successful’ by the end of the process.

Now you can use the unlocked features without facing any complicated procedure.

About Freedom APK for Mac

In these digital times, mobile applications are the only thing that revolves around use; they make our daily tasks convenient and more straightforward. No matter if it’s the inbuilt app of calendar or calculator or some other that needs separate downloading. For IOS users, the availability of tons of apps has one-stop i.e., iTunes. One can quickly look and download most of the free apps from the app stores, but there are some which require in-app purchasing!

At times, one wants to avail the paid application but without paying the specified amount for it. To resolve this matter, here comes the Freedom app with its APK version that is must download to enjoy the free benefits.

What is Freedom APK for Mac OS, and how does it work?

Freedom app is developed to let you bypass the credit security of google play store and allow you to download the paid version for free. After having the Freedom app, you can install any application for absolutely free with all the credits and coins.

This APK version works by developing fake credit card details for the app store; the credit card has generated zero balance from it. The purpose behind the card is to bypass the payment gateway by the forge means and create the image of the successful payment from the user’s credit card. 

Note: This version is illegal, and the user has to install it, at its own risk.

How to download and install freedom APK for Mac OS?

Freedom Mac OS is not available in the market right now; the app is suitable to run on the mobile platforms only (both android and iOS). One can still use the app on the Mac by installing an emulator so that all the premium apps can be enjoyed for free. Well, the emulator is a software that will let you run a mobile device, or it’s apps on your computer without any interruption. 

In the below details of the article, there is a full procedure mentioned to install the emulator and Freedom APK version on the Mac. 

Steps to download and install an emulator

There are numerous emulators present in the market that will help to download and install applications on your PC. Here is the stepwise guide to install the Bluestacks emulator;

  1. Firstly search for the compatible version Bluestacks emulator on the official website or through the other links from the browser.
  2. Once you got the right version of Bluestacks, download it through the available link.
  3. Then go to the ‘download file’ on your device/PC and click on the downloaded setup.
  4. After that, immediately click on the ‘run’ button and install the emulator by clicking on “next.’
  5. As the process finishes, click on the ‘Finish’ tab. The software is ready to use in your system.

How to download the Freedom APK for Mac OS/ Windows PC through an emulator?

As one has installed the emulator, there are few simple steps to follow to download the Freedom APK in Mac OS;

  1. Search for the browser through the downloaded emulator.
  2. From the Google page, go and search for the freedom APK download link for MAC/PC. Or you can use the provided link to download and install.
  3. After the installation of the APK version successfully, you can enjoy the app in the MAC/PC through an emulator.

Note: In Mac, the freedom APK version will only work with the help of an emulator, if you remove or uninstall it, then it will not work on Mac/PC.

How to use Freedom APK for Hacks?

Note that the freedom app only works on the devices which are rooted. The app has a simple-to-use user interface that won’t take a long time to learn the app. The app is entirely safe, and one can easily grant ‘root permission’ without any doubt while opening it to use. There will be a list of applications that appear on the device screen that are already installed; one needs to select the app accordingly. The user needs to wait for a few minutes; for the upgraded version of the app to appear. Here they can access the unlocked features without any hustle.


Freedom APK is a useful application for everyone, especially gamers. Nowadays, there is a premium version for almost every android app that locks several features with it. After downloading Freedom APK, the user can explicitly use its favorite applications for absolutely free of cost!

In this article, we have covered all the specifications, details, and instructions required to avail of the free benefits through the Freedom app with its APK version. You can play unlimited games, watch shows or do whatever you want to with compatible applications of your smart android device!

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