Download VSCO MOD Apk – (Unlocked all filter/VSCO X)

Taking selfies is a trend nowadays. You will probably be feeling left out of the world if do not know how to take a selfie. Taking selfies and uploading it on the social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is what keeps you in trend and at par with your social group and has become kind of essential stuff in today’s lifestyle.

Besides, photo editing is another trend that everybody must learn or you will be portrayed as an old school. Photo editing involves a lot of stuff such as adjusting the correct brightness for the photo, applying suitable filters that suit your picture and background and make it look more appealing.

Apart from this, there is other stuff such as correct cropping, adjusting sharpness to a perfect level and a lot many kinds of stuff like these which make your photo perfect. However, doing all these stuff on your own can be difficult especially if you are not so tech savvy and trendy.

To help such people out, VSCO is one of the software tools which take care of all the correct photo editing that your selfie or picture needs. VSCO was invented to make photo editing easier for all the people.

What are VSCO and VSCO X?

VSCO comes as a photo editing app which can be easily installed into your Android devices from the Android App Store. It is a great mobile photo editor app with a lot of in-built features which lets you apply filters, crop, adjust brightness and sharpness and do all types of stuff with your pictures to make them perfect as if they were taken from a DSLR camera.

VSCO X is a membership to the VSCO app which is being currently rolled out on an invite basis. VSCO, as it has always been, is a free app which can be downloaded by anyone without paying any cost. However, the free version gives you access to only some of the basic features of the photo editor and it comes with certain locked filters.

But, if you subscribe to the VSCO X membership, all the filters that were previously locked on the VSCO app would become open or available to you.

According to the makers of the VSCO app, they are rolling out invitations to their customers to get access to the VSCO X version of the app for which they have to pay a subscription fee of just $19.99 per year to get all the unlocked filters and all the full featured-version of their favorite photo editor.

VSCO Mod Apk (Unlocked all filter/VSCO X) – Awesome Features

There are a lot of features provided by the VSCO (MOD, unlocked all filter/VSCO X) app which will make you its fan. Have a look at them yourself:

  • Filters: These are undoubtedly one of the best features of this app. They provide you with all their filter library if you have subscribed to their VSCO X membership version. These filters enhance your photos without making much distortion in them, thus keeping them real yet making them more beautiful.
Image result for VSCO MOD
  • X-Skew and Y-Skew: These features help you enhance your photo and make it more big and real either along the X-axis or along the Y-axis, whichever function you choose to apply according to your requirement. This feature completely changes the angle at which you can look at the photo thus giving it a larger than life type of appearance as a whole.
Image result for VSCO X-Skew and Y-Skew
  • Clarity: The VSCO X version enhances the clarity of your photos like never before. They make your photos more sharp at the correct points and blur or fading at other points thus giving it the final perfect outline it requires.
  • Color Tint: You can enhance the color tint and brightness of your photo in whichever shade you want. You can set it in a darker mode or a lighter mode depending on the mood of the picture. You can even tamper with the skin shade of the person present in the pictures, thus making someone look fairer or someone looks sun-kissed tanned, whatever suits one’s taste. You can even completely change the color scheme of the whole picture or selectively some portion such as the background.
  • Highlights and shadows: With the help of VSCO X version of the app, you can even tamer with every detail of the picture. You can set highlights at a particular spot where you want and make shadows come out of some other portion where you want depth. All this can be done according to your requirement in the photo, whether you want a daylight scene or a relatively darker yet lighter twilight scene, all depending upon your mood and needs.

How to master VSCO MOD Apk (Unlocked all filter/VSCO X) on Android?

You can master the VSCO X version on your Android app by just playing around with its features. Once you get started you will be getting the hang of all that it offers and what pleases your eyes the most for a particular picture.

For getting started, you can follow a simple guide:

  • First of all, set a basic preset mode which you think is perfect for your picture which you need to edit. There is a lot of collection of available options that you will find in their preset option tab.
  • Then after setting a preliminary preset style, the first thing you want to play around is with the filters of the app. Since VSCO X provides you a whole library of their filters, this is the part where you would spend most of your time editing your picture. Selecting a perfect filter is the most crucial step in photo editing. A filter can make or break your photo. So make sure you choose your filter taking enough time and the golden rule regarding filters is to choose the one that pleases your eyes. Just remember to not overdo it! Too much of filters spoil the mood of the photo. So keep it subtle yet stylish.
  • After you are done with the filters, start with adjusting other things critical for the photo, such as the sharpness and brightness. Adjusting just the optimal amount of light is very important for the photo.
  • Balancing the white and black scale is another critical step. It depends on each picture individually whether to keep more inclination towards the white scale or the black scale. Then again, choose what pleases your eye and suits your photo the most depending upon the scene depicted in the photo.
  • Once you are all done with the editing, you are ready to share your pictures around the social media and your group. Get all the likes and appreciation comments you deserve for that amazing photo you just created!

How to download and install VSCO MOD Apk (Unlocked all filter/VSCO X) on Android?

If you are looking for a free version of the VSCO MOD/ VSCO X with all the unlocked filters, you have come to the right place. You might have got lost wondering where to download it from and searching all over the websites, clicking on endless links and reaching nowhere.

Well, calm down. Your search has now ended. All you need to do to download it on your Android phones is just follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the following link given below to download VSCO X APK file.
  • Click on accept and allow it to make changes to your device.
  • After downloading the file from the link, click on open and run.
  • After it opens, a pop up will appear.
  • Click on “Install” in that popup option.
  • The downloaded file will get installed and your device.

After the installation is complete, you can open and easily access it on your device and start editing your photos.


Someone rightly said, “It is an art to create a photo”. And with the help of VSCO X app’s membership version, you get to learn and master this art as a skill of your own.

So, what are you waiting for! Get started and create all the wonderful memories with your photos and share them around with your friends.

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