Download Kingdom Rush Vengeance MOD 1.6.6 Apk [Unlimited Money/Diamonds]

Kingdom Rush Vengeance is a wonderful game to check out. The game starts when there is a danger to the surface of the game. You have to help Dark Lord Vez-nana and fight with the kind Polyx along with all of his powerful army. Vez’nan is a powerful wizard that has just returned back.

You can join the epic fights and the journey and join the team to conquer all the good and old realms. There are various super bosses and the characters with a different ability that you will have to destroy. As you destroy them, you will be progressing in the game and your level will increase.

The game is available for Android as well as for iPhone. You can download the original version from Play Store and App store respectively. However, the modded version is currently only available for Android device. So, for the iOS users, you will have to go for the original game and wait for everything to unlock.

Android users can check out the awesome features of the game and also see what you will get when you download the mod. Don’t forget to check the installation process for the mod. It is a little different than the normal one.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance Features

There are various features of the game that will help you out to know the game better and give you some of the reasons why you should play the game.

  • There are a total of 16 new towers. Each of these has a different type of abilities and special powers. You can unlock them as you play.
  • You can choose the arsenal of the towers and make combinations of them in order to stop your enemies from entering. They will defend in a unique way. So, choose according to the most powerful tower.
  • There are 16 stages with over three different lands ripe that you can take
  • You get 9 heroes who are powerful and will follow your each and every command without any problem. So, consider it as your own team player. All you have to do is, ask them to do something for you and they will follow you.
  • You can rush into the kingdom when you bring 3 of the might kind down.
  • There are more than 10 trinkets and artifacts
  • To train your troops, you get 30 different upgrades that you can use
  • More than 15 achievements are there including hidden secrets and some other fun stuff that you can discover
  • Above all, you can play the game offline if you don’t have mobile data or can’t connect to your Wi-Fi network.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance MOD Apk Features

 Kingdom Rush Vengeance MOD Apk

There are various things in this MOD Apk that will help you out to complete the game more interestingly. You will have unlimited gems, unlimited towers as well as you will get unlimited heroes that you can use to fight with the enemies.

You can use all of these unlimited things to get in the top level very easily without completing and waiting to collect the gems, unlock the heroes and without collecting more and more points to unlock all of these things.

Therefore, the Kingdom Rush Vengeance MOD Apk is created for the people who want to complete the entire game in less amount of time and with full features unlocked. You can now use any power you want and use the gems to get even more things done quickly.

Therefore, you can download and install the mod to enjoy the full feature game without waiting. Be ready to win every match and every fight you will take using this mod. All the features are unlocked, so you won’t lose any of the game. Just make sure you enjoy the game at your best.

How to install Kingdom Rush Vengeance MOD Apk ?

The installation part is easy and it doesn’t require much time. You can just follow the below-given steps carefully and you will be all set to install the mod and start playing the game as soon as possible.

Make sure you don’t skip any of the steps:

Step 1. Uninstall the previous game version if you have installed it. The game shouldn’t be installed in your mobile to run this game. Therefore, you will need to remove the game. Make sure you have the backup file and your data or you might end up losing all the progress that you have made in the game so far. So, take the backup, save it and proceed to the next step of the installation process

Step 2. You will see an APK file in the files you have just downloaded, you can directly look for it. It will be as the name as of the game. You can check the details to know if it is an APK file.

Step 3. There will be another file in the downloaded zip with the extension of OBB. You can find it in the folder called “”

Step 4. Copy that entire OBB file. Alternatively, you can also copy the folder. Both of these will work. The best way is to copy the entire folder.

Step 5. Open file manager app. You can use the inbuilt app

Step 6. Go to Internal storage > Android > OBB

Step 7. Now, if you have copied the entire folder, you can just paste it in OBB folder

Step 8. If you copied just the OBB file, open “” and paste the OBB file in there.

Step 9. You will be asked whether you want to replace the files or not. You can just click yes and replace the files.

Step 10. Please note, do no open the game until you have copied OBB files.

Step 11. Download all the files that are given in the description and extract it to a folder

You can now play the game as usual by going to the game on the main menu. The modded version of the game will be opened


To conclude, you can download the Kingdom Rush Vengeance MOD Apk from the given links. You will get an unlimited amount of gems, towers, as well as all of your favorite heroes will be unlocked. You can fight using any one of them as per your convenience. Now, you will have almost no chances of losing the game or losing the fight.

Moreover, the gems can be used to get certain other items that are not given in the mod. So, feel free to use the gems as you will get enough gems to spend it wherever you like. Fight with your favorite heroes and enjoy the game at the fullest.

Make sure you follow all the steps that are provided or the mod won’t work as it should be. Happy gaming!

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