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Dokkan Battle

Dokkan Battle game has been there in the market lately and we can’t get enough of it because it is too addicting. Apart from this, the other x-factor that Dokkan Battle game adds is the feeling of adventure and rage. Though if you are someone who doesn’t know about the game itself it is a great time to download the game and play along. We’ll be sharing some of the best features about Dokkan Battle game and how you can make use of Dokkan Battle Hack iOS to ensure hassle-free gameplay. So without any further ado let’s get started.

Before jumping right to the Dokkan Battle Hack iOS, let’s first talk about the game and its features.

What’s Dokkan Battle is all about?

As it has been mentioned earlier also, that Dokkan Battle game focusses more on the battle experience genre of the games. The game is available on both Android and iOS-based devices so now you can make use of your handhelds to cut down the boredom.

The game comes with a lot of restrictions such as you may need to collect as many points as possible so as to move to the next level. You may at times need some additional tasks to accomplish so that you can upgrade the characters and their weaponry. An alternative to that, you can pay using the in-app purchases to get these points and this is where some of you may need Dokkan Battle Hack iOS.

Dokkan Battle Hack iOS works on iOS devices and furthermore, in some cases, you can also imply the hack on android devices too. Apart from this, there is no need to root your device in order to apply the hack.

About the Dokkan Battle game, the game feels realistic even though you are going to play it on your handheld devices.

The game focusses on creating Dragon Ball teams who have this motto to collect and from new Dragon Balls. The world is your battlefield, so go on.

Let us now talk more about the features that make Dokkan Battle gale unique.

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Features of Dokkan Battle game

As it has been already mentioned that Dokkan Battle is an amazing game that focuses on battle modes and other similar strategies. Here are some more about the features of Dokkan Battle game.

  • The Dokkan game is simple yet intuitive.
  • Apart from these as far as the general gaming features are concerned; Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle incorporates several dream team formations.
  • The dream team includes training and creating new methodologies to get more power. The players are supposed to compete with their competitors.
  • There is also a timeline where the players can measure and make certain judgments about their journeys.
  • Apart from this, Dokkan game includes a world tournament where the characters are supposed to have a face-off with the opponents.
  • For the hardcore gamers, the challenges of extreme Z-Battle and Super Battle Road is also available that can be unlocked after accomplishing all the tasks.
  • To enter the battle screen you just need to tap on the ‘Ki Spheres’ and this will send your enemies some super attacks.
  • Let us now discuss how you can get the Dokkan Battle Hack iOS and how you can make use of the same to get rid of all the restrictions imposed on users.

Dokkan Battle Dokkan Battle

But first we’ll learn a little bit about the features of Dokkan Battle Hack iOS.

There are some of the benefits that you’ll get while enabling the Dokkan Battle Hack iOS. Here are some of the most used and the important Dokkan Battle Hack iOS.

Unlimited HP

This hack gives you access to enter the values of the some or the other parameters in-Game Mod Menu. You can enter whatever the number you want and the credential will set itself according to your need.

Unlimited Damage

You can unlock hidden weapons and other kill codes by entering the value of your need.

Unlimited Defense

No matter what, how many times you die, you can always replenish and make sure that you are still alive. For this, you can use the Unlimited Defense in Dokkan Battle Hack iOS.

Dice Hacks 1 to 6.

Dice custom amount hack is also enabled.

Now let us move forward to the section where we’ll learn about how you can install and make use of Dokkan Battle Hack iOS.

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How to download and install Dokkan Battle Hack iOS

As it has been already known that hacks are something that isn’t legal to install on your iOS device. Same is the scenario with Dokkan Battle Hack iOS. But if you are amongst the ones who want the game to be played for free desperately. Here is how you can download the Dokkan Battle Hack iOS.

  • Fire up the Safari app on your iOS device and head over to the official website of the Dokkan Battle Hack iOS hack.
  • You’ll be able to locate the URL for the same by running a quick Google Search.
  • Just perform a simple Google Search and make sure to enter in the Dokkan Battle Hack iOS URL.
  • Now open this URL on your safari browser and tap on the ‘Regular’ option. Here you’ll be able to see the ‘Download Free Version’.
  • The Dokkan Battle Hack iOS will get downloaded in a while in the background.
  • After that, you won’t be able to open the app because of some restrictions. To make sure Dokkan Battle Hack iOS works well, you need to get past those restrictions.
  • Head over to the Settings app on your iOS device and search for profiles. You may need to enable the corresponding profiles to Dokkan Battle Hack iOS.
  • Once the profiles are enabled you can now open the app.
  • Within the app, you are supposed to enter in all the required numbers for the hack and through your username.
  • Make sure not to feed in your Apple ID or password.

Dokkan Battle Hack iOS

Alternative way of using Dokkan Battle Hack iOS

There are some instances where several users failed to make use of Dokkan Battle Hack iOS. To make sure that the hack runs and work perfectly, you should consider downloading it via Panda Helper.

Panda Helper allows you to install Dokkan Battle Hack iOS directly without any issues and restrictions.

  • The first step requires you to download and install Panda helper.
  • You can download the Panda Helper app on your iOS device by going to the official Panda Helper website and downloading Dokkan Battle Hack iOS.
  • Once the download is finished via safari browser, the app will get installed automatically in the background.
  • Once the app is downloaded, proceed with the similar steps to enable the app by allowing and trust the app certificates.
  • Now, open the Panda Helper app and then look for Dokkan Battle Hack iOS. Hit the install button and the hack app will be installed in no time.

You can now make use of the Dokkan Battle Hack iOS, but always make sure that you ‘trust’ the certificates by the Dokkan Battle Hack iOS by going to the Settings menu. Or else, the app won’t work.


Dokkan Battle Hack iOS helps gamers to get past several restrictions and checkpoints without investing money from their pockets. They can perform all sorts of hacks and can enter their values manually. Give Dokkan Battle Hack iOS a try and let us know in the comment section below, were you able to accomplish all the tasks in the game?


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