Discord Update Failed: Fix

Discord is a Voice over IP application. This app can be used to communicate with friends and family. Furthermore, it is most popularly used by Gamers, to and send signals while playing a game.

This app works for both the desktop and smartphones. There is also a discord server that has been created for the dedicated game was in such enthusiasts. You can invite others using the invitation link to join the servers.

And furthermore, you can also join any server using the invitation link. Sometimes during the gameplay discord updates itself and there may be a chance when the main error creeps in, saying Discord update failed.

We are going to address this issue in this write-up. We’ll be going to demonstrate and describe how you can fix the error ‘Discord update failed’ on your PC or smartphones. But before this, we will know a little bit more about discord application on PC and smartphones. Let’s begin.

What is Discord and why we get Discord update failed error?

discord update failed error fix

It has been already mentioned that discard is a client that allows users most importantly the gamers to connect with each other while playing the game.

Discord app allows the users to communicate via voice or text chat. This can be done without the use of a physical phone or services like Skype.

There is a dedicated app, and a program for both the Smartphones and the Windows PC is respectively.

On top of it, the discord service is offered completely for free. Here are some of the benefits of using discord while playing games and why it is the most popular app for gamers.

Benefits of using Discord

  • There is a lot of services is available that charges some money from their uses, instead discord is completely free.
  • Although, there are options where you are allowed to purchase some of their stickers and sound packs. This costs money, and this is where discord makes money from.
  • As far as the security of the conversations that are occurring on discord is concerned, the client encrypts all the communications and keeps your IP address safe.
  • Apart from this, the backend service has built-in DDoS Protection protocol that makes it even more secure.
  • They have this agenda of ‘always staying online,’ as discord is available for both the Android and IOS devices along with its Windows counterpart.
  • With the text chat, you can also send images videos and even links directly from your desktop and the new GIF’s feature is also being included.
  • Unlike other chat apps discord have the minimal impact on the performance of the CPU and RAM of your system. Therefore it does not hamper or slow down your gaming experience.
  • Furthermore, the initial setup of discord app takes minimal time. And in just 10 seconds you are up.
  • As far as the voice quality and the clarity is concerned, discord is built with the latest tech that prevents noise and other jitters from creeping in.
  • So these are some of the most advantages features of discord. But there is an only painful aspect of using discord.
  • Many times it has been seen that while using the discord application it undergoes some updating tasks.
  • Updating the app is necessary we all get that but, a lot of times the discord app goes into an infinite loop, and leads to failure.

Now we are going to discuss how to get rid of Discord update failed.

If we just start searching on the Internet, you will be able to see a lot of articles regarding Discord update failed.

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Here are the steps that you can follow to get rid of the Discord update failed error.

discord update failed error fix

Discord update failed – solution

So as we all know that discord serves better in all ways. But there is an annoying thing about discord. And that is while updating it may get stuck in an infinite loop and may lead to Discord update failed errors.

Though, the fixes not as easy as the installation of discord is. But we will try our best to put out a simple guide for you. Follow these steps mentioned below to fix this error.

Solution 1

  • First of all, make sure that the internet on your Windows PC is working fine.
  • As soon as you get the error of Discord update failed, make sure to close the discord app.
  • In some cases, you may need to force close or quit the app via the task manager.
  • Once again, try opening the discord program from the start menu.
  • It may work just fine.

Even after following this tab the discord program doesn’t work and still shows Discord update failed error.

Solution 2

  • Try removing the program from your system.
  • For this go to the control panel, and then go to programs. From there look for the installation of discord.
  • Now right click on the listing and choose the uninstall option.
  • Can uninstall wizard will open. Now press the next option and follow the instructions to remove the program from your system completely.
  • Once the program is completely removed. You are supposed to perform some additional tasks such as removing the temporary data of the discord program.
  • This can be easily done by opening the RUN window via are the start menu.
  • Alternatively, you can invoke the run command using WIN+R keys.
  • Now enter %appdata% and press the Enter button or click on OK.
  • This will open the AppData folder. Now open the Discord folder. And try deleting all the contents.
  • You may additionally require administrative privilege to perform this step. Simply press the ok button if the popup appears.
  • Now you are supposed to restart your system to make sure all the temporary files are gone.
  • Now after the system will get restarted, make sure to install a fresh copy of discord from their website.
  • This time the discord app will surely get installed correctly.
  • To make the experience much better, try to install all the updates from the Windows updates menu.
  • To access this, go to the settings option on your Windows 10 PC, and open the windows update section.
  • Press the check for updates option and let the system install all the pending updates.
  • This will not only enhance the workability of discord program but also will make your system more secure.

Apart from this even after following all the steps if you are not able to install or use the discord app you may need to consider installing the whole operating system.

This is because of the probable corruption in the system files itself.

Also, you can check the compatibility settings for the discord program.

If you are trying to install discord on the windows which doesn’t support search functionality, you may need to install this program under compatibility settings.

Simply right-click on the shortcut menu of the discord installation program and choose one of the previous versions of the windows. And make sure to install it via the admin privileges.

Discord update failed – Conclude

The Internet is almost flooded with several articles on Discord update failed. Please use our guide and follow the instructions carefully to get rid of this Discord update failed error completely.

Please share your valuable comments and if you have any problem with this fix let us know.

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