Latest CkayTV APK v5.4 – Android and Firestick [MOD/AD free]

Who does not love to watch the live streaming of their favorite television channels? You all love to watch the live streaming of television channels. Sometimes, it is harder to find a suitable platform or medium that can offer flawless live streaming. Maybe, you always want to use an application that runs smoothly without interruptions.

In a few applications, quality of the live streaming television channels can be a concern whereas some applications might consume data heavily. Earlier, you may not a number of options to pick in terms of a good live TV streaming application but with the development of some rich-feature Android applications, the concerns can be ignored.

One such application that offers flawless and a high-quality live stream of television channels is CkayTV Apk. It is a very unique television channel live streaming application that gives you streaming of your favorite channels.

What is CkayTV App?

 CkayTV app

Following up, an introduction to such an amazing application becomes a crucial thing before you search around for the downloading options. CkayTV is an android application that has provides a lot of television channels with a very good spectator quality.

It gives you channels for amusement, shows, gossips, music, games, children, history, the natural world, and many other channels. You will be able to watch television channels in high HD quality and this is a promising feature offered by this app.

CkayTV APK occupies 5.3MB space in your device and it requires Android version 5.0 and up. The CkayTV has developed this application in the entertainment category. Due to its professional and affable interface, the application is already ruling over the hearts of people.

Initially, this app has been developed for Android devices but it can be compatible with further devices soon. The developers will try to make this application available for iOS and other platforms.

CkayTV Apk Compatibility

Now, you have some better information about CkayTV APK and that’s why you need to know the compatibility feature. Here, you need to know that CkayTV APK is compatible with all of your Android devices and there is not a single doubt about this concept. On the other hand, this CkayTV APK is not available on the Google Play Store.

If you are among the Android users, you can download it from the third party online websites and online platforms doubtlessly.  Conversely, the iOS users may need to wait for the upgraded version of this application.

Android version requirements – 

Before downloading such an amazing application, it becomes vital to know what the Android version requirements are of this application.  Well, this application requires Android version 5.o and above.    

CkayTV App – Features

Once you have collected some basic information about this application now, it is crucial to know the list of features provided by the apk.  As mentioned earlier, this application has been developed for Android devices. Therefore, it is always better to have complete knowledge about the features that you will get from this application.

Let’s take a glimpse at the top features that you can find in this application:

  • The first main and important feature that you will get from this application is that this application supports more than 1000 television channel. From all over the world, this application will provide you a large number of TV channels.  This application allows you to watch both domestic and international channels.
  • You do not need to go with rooting Android phones. If you want to use a live TV stream application that doesn’t require root, you can go with this application
  • This application provides you high HD quality on the TV channels you will find.  The live streaming of your favorite television channels will become smooth and you do not have to deal with the buffering.
  • The developers will try to add new channels on a regular basis in this application
  • If you have any complaint or feedback regarding this application, you get the option to send the feedback to the developers
  • In many live TV streaming applications, you cannot find a bookmarking feature whereas this application gives you the bookmarking feature. You can bookmark your favorite channel and watch them according to your own time schedule.
  • The security-related concerns have been reduced by this application as this app is totally secure from the malware are and other viruses.

However, when you are ready to download this application on for the live streaming of your enchanting TV channels, you have actually collected information regarding the features provided by this application.

How to download CkayTV APK for Android?

Somehow, you have collected better information about the CkayTV application but, what about downloading the app? Where you can download CkayTV Apk? At the moment, CkayTV Apk is not available on the Google Play Store and that’s why you will not find this application in the Google Play Store.

However, third-party websites and online platforms can provide you with downloading links of CkayTV application.

  • Step1- At the very first moment, you will have to go to the security settings of your device, where you will have to enable the installation of unknown sources
  • Step2- From here, you will need to open a web browser and download the CkayTV Apk from the given links.
  • Step3- Once you click on the downloading link, you better make sure that the file of CkayTV apk is downloading without any errors.  In short, keep your eyes on the downloading process.
  • Step4– Now, you can find the downloaded application in your download manager. Here, you will need to click on the downloaded APK file.
  • Step5- Once you click on the downloaded application, the installation procedure will automatically get begin
  • Step6- Wait till the installation process gets completed and open up the CkayTV apk.

With the help of these mentioned steps, you will be able to download the application within a very short amount of time.

If you still have any doubts regarding the downloading process, you can reread the mention steps for at least one more time.

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 How to Download CkayTV on Firestick?

CkayTV for firestick

One good thing about CkayTV APK is that you can download and install it in your Firestick. Do you want to know how?

Let’s check the downloading process of CkayTV APK for Firestick:

  • Click on the setting alternative given
  • Find MyfireTV
  • Tap on developer alternatives
  • Allow unknown sources
  • Now, find the search box and open the downloading URL
  • Start and finish the downloading and install the app

Follow the mentioned steps carefully and have CkayTV APK in your Firestick for the live streaming of TV channels.


After discussing a lot more about the CkayTV application, you can find that it is a very simple and user-friendly live TV channel streaming application that works smoothly on your device.

This is a very powerful application that will allow you to watch your lovable TV televisions in very high quality. In addition, you get a wide range of options for using the application like bookmarking.

Now, you just need to follow the steps mentioned above to download the application in a very quick time. Once you will install this application on your phone, you can have the rest of the benefits of watching is the live streaming of your favorite TV channels.

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