Top 3D Android Launchers for Smartphones (Updated 2020)

Android devices without the use of custom launchers are like, leaving your vanilla ice cream un-sprinkled with choco chips. Android custom launches not only plays an important role in decorating your Android device but also gives additional usability and several other features to the Android ecosystem. There are a lot of Android launchers available in the market as of now. A very few of them comes with 3D capabilities. What are the best 3d android launchers available on the Google Play Store then you can download right now?

If you have a new smartphone and you are rocking the default Android custom theme, you need the best 3d android launcher. Here is a list of the fastest, coolest and the best 3d android launchers, that can directly download it via the Google Play Store. So let’s begin;

Best 3D Android Launchers

1. Next Launcher 3D Shell

best next 3d launcher for android

Next Launcher 3D Shell, is an unsupported 3D launcher. Next Launcher 3D Shell that recently came up with their new UI 3.0 update. The Next Launcher 3D Shell allows you to show several 3D dynamics, the effects that can be customized on your Android home screen.

  • These 3D dynamic effects can also be incorporated in, a form of the best 3d android launcher for your Android device.
  • Apart from this, you need to pay a certain amount of money to get the app. and the launcher supports in-app purchases also so that you will be able to get the latest 3D features.
  • Here are some of the key features of Next Launcher 3D Shell:
  • A buttery smooth and a Faster 3D UI interface.
  • Apart from this, you will be able to see realistic 3D home screen transitions.
  • The effects include crystal, cloth, folding and more just like every other launcher you can replace the default icons for every app.
  • Furthermore, you can also replace a normal app icon with the 3D counterpart.

Download Next Launcher 3D Shell

2. CM Launcher 3D – Theme, Wallpapers, Efficient

best 3d cm launcher for android
  • CM Launcher 3D is made by Cheetah mobile inc.; it is a well-known Chinese app developer. They have developed over two dozen apps, and clean master is one of them.
  • CM Launcher 3D provides more than 1000 free 3D themes and 2D icon packs. When it comes to the customizability of the Android launcher, CM Launcher 3D is by far the most customizable option available.
  • Apart from this, you’ll get several live wallpapers, custom themes, contact themes, a separate phone dialler that is enough to redefine your Android Launcher Experience.
  • Here are some of the key features of CM Launcher 3D;
  • 3D animation engine by CM Launcher 3D provides great graphics effects To their widgets and themes.
  • Apart from this, there are several utility themes and VR themes you can also create your own thing using the DIY Theme manager.
  • Additionally, you get the capability of hiding and locking of your important apps.
  • CM Launcher 3D, the best 3d android launchers also offers one tab boost option, that empties the cache memory and the RAM Occupancy.

Download CM Launcher 3D


3. Yandex.Shell (Launcher+Dialer)

best 3d yandex launcher for android
  • Yandex Shell Launcher, it is a smart app that gives you the ability to decorate a phone with optimizing in speed and performance. Apart from the options like 1-tap boost, you also get a plethora of wallpaper collections and themes.
  • Moreover, there is also a fast search option that enables to look up for the apps, contacts, documents, and other data on your phone. It also search is online for you, just like the default Google search widget.
  • Yandex Shell Launcher is supported by ads, that you can disable by downloading the premium version of Yandex Shell Launcher.
  • here are some of the Peculiar features about Yandex Shell Launcher
  • Yandex Shell Launcher, Is amongst the best 3d android launchers because of these features that make it stand out from their competition.
  • There is an all apps button, which allows you to choose the shape, size, color of both the button and the app icons.
  • It also allows you to install the third party I can packs.
  • As far as the 3D capabilities are concerned Yandex Shell Launcher, is considered as the best iconic 3D launcher that is available for free.

Download (Launcher+Dialer)


4. TSF Launcher 3D Shell

best 3d tsf launcher for android
  • TSF Launcher 3D Shell is one of the oldest and amongst the most popular best 3d android launcher available in the market. It offers smooth, particular, and customized human-machine interaction, to provide an immersive experience.
  • The best feature that we liked about TSF Launcher 3D Shell is the availability of 3D widgets. Besides that, you also get an unlimited dock bar, from which you can open the app and folders with a wave-sliding motion.
  • This is the only best 3d android launchers that come with its own set of widgets. There are more than 10 TSF widgets available, such as message, clock, Memo, calendar, news, weather gallery, etc.
  • Apart from all this, just like following the trend of 2018, TSF Launcher 3D Shell comes jam-packed with more than nine custom gestures. These gestures can also be customized as per the user’s needs.
  • The overall field of TSF Launcher 3D Shell is like as if you are holding jello, the motion within the launcher felt as if the controls held up with the help of an elastic. This gives TSF Launcher 3D Shell some additional aesthetic points.

Download TSF Launcher 3D Shell


5. V Launcher

  • With over 1,000,000+ installs V Launcher presents itself in the list of best 3d android launchers apps, putting forward their parallax themes and custom live wallpapers. Furthermore, there are a lot of HD wallpapers that you can choose from the list that V Launcher provides.
  • As per the customer review ratings goes, the V launcher app has been rated at 4.6 stars in total, giving it an edge over its competitors regarding trustability.
  • Here are some of the best features of V Launcher;
  • you can lock and hide the apps that you don’t want to appear in the app launcher additionally there is also a weather widget available with the launcher with custom animations.
  • There are more than 17 transition effects that make you feel surprised every moment you touch your phone with the finger.
  • One click boost and ability to search for news articles, games, apps, and other stuff are some of the additional functions available with this best 3d android launcher.

Download V Launcher


6. Ace Launcher – 3D

BEST ace 3d launcher for android
  • Ace Launcher – 3D Is an ad-supported launcher, that is available on Google Play Store for free. This launcher not only claims to personalize your Android device but also helps to make it more efficient. The main reason behind including Ace Launcher – 3D in our list of the Best 3d android launchers is its ability to provide junk cleaning, battery saving, and CPU cooling function along with 3D live wallpapers. And this is by far one of the most deciding factors of keeping Ace Launcher – 3D in our list of the Best 3D android launchers.
  • here are some of the detailed features and functions of Ace Launcher – 3D
  • There are few free beautiful things that are available within the app. you can also download some using the in-app purchases. But for that, You may need to pay some amount.
  • Apart from this, there is a huge collection of keyboard themes besides the normal Launcher themes and icon packs.
  • The battery saver that is built within the launcher helps your battery to retain more juice.
  • The CPU cooling function analyses the apps that are consuming more power and lets you know what all apps you need to close.
  • The one click junk cleaner removes the cache memory, unwanted RAM storage, and temporary files. You can also schedule cleaning option based on your requirements.
  • It also provides you with 15-day weather forecasts air quality index estimate is also displayed.
  • fancy weather and clock widgets are also present
  • different search engine functionalities are also embedded in the same launcher

Download Ace Launcher – 3D


Final words about the Best 3D Android Launchers

There are a lot of Android launchers available on the Google Play Store it is very hard to check every launcher manually. If you are looking for the best 3D Android launchers, Nova Launcher Prime is the best bet for you. Though, it doesn’t come with any of the 3D capabilities by default.

But, you can customize the Nova Launcher Prime the way you want. You can use all sorts of free icon packs and 3D live wallpapers to enhance its functionality.

Apart from this, you get, near to the stock android launcher experience with the Nova Launcher Prime.

Furthermore, you can enable the unread message counter, use badges and even the ability to hide any of the apps from the app launcher. You can get the Nova Launcher application from the Google play store for free. But the Nova Launcher Prime is a paid app, and for that, you need to pay why your Google play credits.

 Which launcher you are rocking on your Android device as of now, let us know in the comments section below.

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