AVG Cleaner Pro APK v4.21.0 for free[100% Working]

The AVG Cleaner Pro APK is one of the very best security apps for android devices and this app can also be used for the purpose of cleaning the phone. Our mobile phones are one of those devices which are used daily and which are required to be at their best condition to help us throughout without any unnecessary delay. It causes several unnecessary problems when our mobile phones function slower. This mostly occurs when unnecessary junk files have accumulated on our mobile phones. This is where the AVG Cleaner Pro APK might come into your aid. This app can be used to clean the junk accumulated in our mobile phones so that the device can get some of its memory back and can serve us better. There are also several other features in this app that make sure that our devices are functioning faster and at a proper speed.

Most of the people who are users of android devices have often found themselves looking for ways to make their mobile devices work faster and better. Lag is one of the major problems in our mobile phones and the users are always looking for one or another hack for this problem. This APK makes sure that the installed app successfully takes care of the lag problem and that the device is running smoothly and also without causing many problems. So this AVG Cleaner Pro APK can be a perfect solution for this. Using this will guarantee that your mobile phone will run fast and as smooth as a brand new device too. It makes it possible to do anything from your device without any lag and other trouble.

What is AVG Cleaner Pro APK?

In the various smartphones and computers, when any applicati0on runs for a really long time, it produces some buffer and bunk files. These files also have a counter effect, these are not only time consuming, and it can also be the cause of the deteriorated performance of your device. The AVG Cleaner Pro APK is a free application that is designed mainly for android devices.

The AVG Cleaner Pro APK is based on the fact that it can remove all the junk files from your device and makes sure it runs smoothly. This app also enables the users to have different battery modes based on which one suits their smartphone the best and saves the power of the device. The interface of this app is also very user-friendly and the app has some certain characteristic features which have the ability to enhance the function and performance of the device. The app is extremely famous amongst the android users and the app has been downloaded from the Google Play Store by over 10 milli0on users.

Features of AVG Cleaner Pro APK

The AVG Cleaner Pro APK has a lot of features that make this app a perfect for android users. The features of the app are thus described below briefly.

  1. Ram BoosterThe app has the power to automatically boost the ram and clean it so that the device can perform faster and better. It can remove the pre-installed apps so that it can boost the performance of the device.
  2. Increase the spaceThe AVG Cleaner Pro APK also has the responsibility of deleting unused apps, old files, unwanted videos and pictures et cetera. This increases the space by removing unnecessary files, cache and junk and as a result the device then performs smoothly and without lagging much.
  3. Long Battery LifeThe AVG Cleaner Pro Clear also has a battery-saving feature which as a result improves the battery life of the device.
  4. System Info This app has a feature that makes sure that all the necessary information that you might need to know will be on one screen.
  5. Hibernate Apps The AVG Cleaner Pro APK also suspends the background apps. This prolongs the battery and also saves mobile data.
  6. File ManagerThe AVG Cleaner Pro brings with it a smart File Manager and a Storage Cleaner which analyses the pictures, files, videos and also other apps and deletes the unnecessary ones.
  7. Quick Scan and Junk Cleaner The Quick Scan feature of the AVG Cleaner pro-APK takes only one tap to increase the speed of functioning of the android device. It also has an anti-virus feature. It also cleans all the useless junk from the device and makes it faster.
  8. Advanced App Manager and App RemoverOur devices come with a lot of preinstalled apps. These apps might often be responsible for slowing down your device as they might consume a lot of RAM. The App analyzer here checks all the apps even the pre-installed ones and the ones that you download from then on. You can also manually remove the apps which are slowing down your device.
  9. Photo OptimizationThe Feature of Photo Optimization in this app helps in optimizing the photographs. This app finds duplicate photographs as well as unsupported photographs automatically and then it gives the user a chance to delete these files. Even when you are trying to share any video or photograph, this app will also optimize those photographs as well as the ones that you receive. If it faces any problem, it will notify the user about the problem so that he or she can take necessary actions.

How to Download AVG Cleaner Pro APK

It is not very hard to download to the AVG Cleaner Pro APK. The name of the APK of AVG Cleaner Pro is AVG Cleaner-Professional-v4.21.0.apk. The users can easily find the links to download this APK anywhere on the internet. The size of the file is approximately 22 MB which is not much.

Steps to install AVG Cleaner Pro APK:

The full version of the AVG Cleaner Pro APK can be downloaded without any charge and without much trouble. However, a fact is that this file has to be downloaded in the form of an APK file and then it has to be installed manually. An important fact is that while downloading this APK it should be made sure that the network connection is stable since otherwise, the download will stop midway. Follow the following mentioned steps to download the APK file smoothly.

  1. If you have any previous version of the APK, you need to uninstall it and remove it completely.
  2. You have to download the AVG Cleaner Pro APK from an authenticated website so that you are sure that the file you are downloading is original.
  3. After the APK is downloaded, click on the install button and then after that, you will start with the installation procedure.
  4. After the installation is complete, you will then have to head to the settings option which is under the Security Tab and then click on the Turn on Unknown Sources option.
  5. After that, you will have to head to the downloaded folder and click on the APK that you have downloaded. This will then initiate the installation. After the installation is complete, you can just sit back and let the app do its work.


The AVG Cleaner Pro APK is a file which can be very helpful for the device that you use. These are very helpful for the proper functioning of the device. This app has received certain very good reviews. This app is one such app that is useful for every type of smartphone and also doesn’t take much space. This app makes sure to remove all the unnecessary data from the device and makes it easily manageable. It increases the battery life of the device and also manages the power usage of the device.

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