3 Best Mini Militia Mods You Should Try in 2019

Mini militia is action based RPG games developed by appnomics, and later the company sold the game to mini clips, now the game is under Miniclip trademark. The mini militia has over 100M+ downloads all over the world, and even after PUBG, it continues to grow its market share. The reason this game is popular is because of its gaming strategy and multiplayer options. After mini-militia, many other games developer started to implement multiplayer option in their games. 

Now here is my story…

a little.

I am a big fan of mini militia from 2 years and now being the fan I've tried almost every possible hacks and tweak to win explore the game to its depth. I got the expertise, but every time I heard the same question, How to do it?. Well, there is always a shortcut for things. Today I am going to share that shortcut which can take bring you joy while playing the same mini militia game with your friends. 

In this post, I am going to share you the top possible tweaks which you can apply to win every mini militia game. These are the three mods which I have used to enhance my gaming experience. Now, these mods are not developed by Miniclip itself. These are developed by some 3rd party developers. So we cannot guarantee the 10% uptime for the mod. But yes, I can guarantee that the mod will work perfectly. So let's start with the exciting thing and keep the boring information aside. 

Best Mini Militia Mods of 2019

#1 Mini Militia Wall Hack

I know this is not so amazing to win the game but believe me, it is the best mod which you ever tried. This mod comes with prank power, which can ultimately bring enough fun and make the boring game exciting. Not the prank but the mod comes with special abilities too. Through which your winning chances might increase. I will mention the features below. 

  • Free to use 
  • Fly Through Walls
  • Transparent Bushes
  • Unlimited Ammo & Grandes
  • No Reload 
  • Unlimited Nitro Pack
  • Zero Gravity
  • Dual Shot with one gun

These are few of the features of the wall hack mod, and there are few more which you can get to know while playing it. I recommend you to try this mod in the very beginning. Rest on you. 

#2 Mini Militia Pro Pack

This is the most searched mod and most frequently updated mod of mini-militia. It looks similar to the original game but gives you free money which you can use to purchase anything from the store to update your avatar. Means all game revolves around the same theme, but you have extra benefits of store items for free. Now have a look at the features of the mini militia pro pack. I am sure you are going to love it. 

  • Latest version
  • Free Pro Pack
  • Free store credits
  • Anti-ban mod engine enabled
  • All store items unlocked
  • Free battle points
  • Dual wield guns for free
  • You can play in a Team battle
  • CTF Version 

I have tried this mod and believe me this is the most interesting mod, and I liked it. I mean think, I am using a mod or hack without even letting others know about it. No user will catch that we are using any mod. But this is not the case in other mod, in another mod user can easily get detected by some other user that we are using any kind of mod or they might ignore thinking it is a glitch. So the choice is yours.

#3 Mini Militia God MOD

Look at the name, isn't it sounds something interesting? Yes, it is, in god mod you will be getting everything unlimited and for free. I mean no tension of health, jetpack, ammo, etc. Everything you have is limitless. Your opponent will get shocked, force them to think wtf what is happening, man. Yes, the same sound I heard when I played using the god mod, and my friend reaction is somewhat similar. Now, look at the features of the god mod. 

  • Pro Pack enabled
  • Latest Update
  • Infinite jetpack power
  • Unlimited Health Mod
  • Unlimited Ammo and Bombs
  • One Shot Kill
  • Extra Speed Mod
  • CTF version
  • Aiming Automation
  • Multi bullet shots at once
  • Wall Hack option
  • Unlimited Battle Points
  • 7x zoom in all weapons
  • New avatars

Man, check out the features. I was like wow when I saw the features and then get shocked while playing with it. This many features in a single mod. So amazing, right?

I enjoyed playing with mini militia god mod. I suggest you try this mod once. I download all mini militia mods from MiniMilitiaModsz.com. You can also check out all mods on it. 


Playing mini militia with mods is exciting. I hope you also enjoy playing with it. All the mods are working correctly and tested by my self. So, guys, I am done here, if you need any help to let me know in comments below. So what's your favorite mini militia mod?

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